Transcending the Levels of Consciousness by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

Prior works by the author established a new clinical science of TRUTH based on research into the nature of consciousness itself and, for the first time, delineated the means by which truth can be differentiated from falsehood.

Numerous study groups arose worldwide to investigate the unique value of this new spiritual science and its numerous applications in all areas of human life, especially in relation to spiritual evolution.

The previous books have been valued by spiritual devotees for they present a subjective experiential, as well as theoretical, framework by which to seek enlightenment and advance one’s own level of consciousness.

The preceding volumes in this series provide clarity by recontextualization of the world’s spiritual literature and experience. This book is a practical “how to” guide devoted to the techniques and information that facilitate actual inner transformation and liberation from the limitations of the ego.

The information provided is a distillation of professional clinical knowledge derived from 50 years’ experience in psychiatry, psychology, psychoanalysis, and as a consultant to Protestant and Catholic ministries, Zen monasteries, and spiritual communities and groups along with extensive personal transformative and inner subjective transcendence of the levels described.
Dr. Hawkins writes from all those levels simultaneously and is dedicated to the student’s own evolution of consciousness to the state of Enlightenment itself.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the Institute for Advanced Spiritual Research, is an internationally known author, spiritual teacher, and authority within the fields of consciousness research and spirituality. His published works and recorded lectures have been widely recognized as unique in that a very advanced state of spiritual awareness occurred in an individual with a scientific and clinical background who was later able to explain the unusual phenomenon in a clear and comprehensible manner.

Dr. Hawkins writes and teaches from the unique perspective of an experienced clinician, scientist, and mystic. He has been knighted and honored worldwide with many titles. In the Far East, he is a recognized “Teacher of the Way to Enlightenment.” (“Tae Ryoung Sun Kak Dosa”) Dr. Hawkins has lectured at well-known universities worldwide and to spiritual groups from Westminster Abbey and Notre Dame to Catholic, Protestant, and Buddhist monasteries. His life is devoted to the spiritual evolution of mankind.

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David R. Hawkins – Consciousness Is The Mind Of God.

Dr. David R. Hawkins -Transcending Form, moving from saintly to enlightened realms

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