Belonging Here: A Guide for the Spiritually Sensitive Person By Judith Blackstone

Penetrating insight. Profound empathy. A gift for healing. These are just some of the talents of the “spiritually sensitive” person—yet these apparent blessings can often become a source of loneliness, self-doubt, and limitation. Belonging Here is a lifesaving book that shows how our spiritual gifts become entryways into both the everyday world of shared human connection and the most subtle dimension of our being.

Written by one spiritual sensitive for another, Belonging Here draws from Dr. Blackstone’s personal story as well as her 30-year psychotherapy practice that has focused on teaching clients how to integrate personal healing and spiritual awakening through an embodied approach she calls the Realization Process. Readers will explore five of the most common challenges of the spiritually sensitive, along with exercises for overcoming each, including:
• Thin Skin—how you can strengthen your boundaries and still
remain open to the world around you

• Landing on Earth—staying grounded within the whole of
your body by mending inner “fragmentation”

• Hearing the Cries of the World—how innate compassion can
ripen into the unconditional love of spiritual maturity

You can live authentically in a world that once seemed alien. You can find happiness and acceptance where sadness and confusion had reigned. You can come home at last, with Belonging Here.

Judith Blackstone, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychotherapist in New York and an innovative teacher in contemporary spirituality who has shared the Realization Process with students across the US and Europe since 1987. Her published works include the books The Enlightenment Process (Paragon House, 2008) and The Intimate Life (Sounds True, 2011), and the audio learning course The Realization Process (Sounds True, 2011).

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Judith Blackstone – Embodiment

Short excerpt from Judith Blackstone’s talk on embodied spiritual awakening at the 2007 Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy Conference. Here she talks about how internal contact with one’s body is the basis of openness to life. For more information on Judith’s books and teaching schedule, visit

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