Spun Gold ~ Poetic Reflections of Pure Luminosity By Maren Springsteen

“Spun Gold ~ Poetic Reflections of Pure Luminosity” presents a mandala of poems that point to the Infinite Heart of Spirit you already always are!

Pure Awareness as the eternal canvas allowing consciousness’ play, dreaming or awake, remaining One with no separation possible!

Enjoy your one unchallenged, ever-new, pure essence flowing through these words!
Maren Springsteen has been on a devotional spiritual path for over 20 years, exploring in-depth Christian Mystical teachings, Joel Goldsmith’s “Infinite Way,” Non Duality and Mahayana Buddhism, Sufism, Dozgchen and Zen. She also read with great interest anything consciousness-related, as well as the newest findings in quantum physics. One of her passions is Ancient Egypt’s 18th Dynasty in Amarna and holographic energetic imprints from that era as well as from Tibet and the Inca in Peru are to be found in her heart opening Light poetry.

Her professional background is diverse–she studied Travel, Tourism and North- and Latin America Studies in her hometown Berlin before embarking on what was going to be “one year” traveling the world as a World Wide Flight Attendant for the world’s favourite airline based in London Heathrow.

The year turned into many blissful years, and Maren enjoyed every second of her fascinating job. Literally every continent was explored in an atmosphere of cordial camaraderie with her amazing colleagues, serving their lovely passengers with great dedication and joy.

She eventually stopped flying due to health problems, and, close to passing, experienced a total surrender and radical ongoing awakening. While in hospital, an inner vow spontaneously sprung forth to share beauty and light, without any preference to the form it would take to stay true to this promise.

Having previously volunteered for a book review column and written all of her life, recently non dual, mystical poems started flowing comprised of pure light that became powerful catalysts for living from the awakened heart in sovereignty. With these came the clear seeing and inner guidance that the poems would serve as pointers to integrate awakening fully, energetically anchor and root one’s central light column, and be able to serve anyone, regardless of their background or path, be it a classical Christian background, interest in consciousness research, quantum physics, mysticism, Advaita Vedanta, Mahayana Buddhism or Sufism.

These poems comprise a synergy of pure seeing with felt knowing of the heart center. For more information on the author and her poems please visit http://www.pureseeing.com, or her blog http://www.mareninthesky.com.

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one without a second-radiance.wmv

A collaboration with The eloquence of Maren Springsteens prose.
To introduce her new book ‘Spun Gold’.
An audio book will follow.To purchase any ofmy other songs please go to


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