The Constant Choice: An Everyday Journey From Evil Toward Good by Peter Georgescu

We need more goodness now.

We live in a most challenging time. Many of us struggle, emotionally, ethically, and spiritually. We seem headed toward less compassion and consideration, failing to overcome that basic instinct that often leads to evil in human behavior–self-preservation at all costs. Yet within each of us a new future is stirring. We can become better people and build a better world by opting for good over evil–one choice at a time.

In The Constant Choice, Peter Georgescu offers a gripping narrative of his journey from childhood captivity in a Romanian labor camp to his role as CEO of the world-renowned advertising agency Young & Rubicam. His traumatic youth–his parents’ exile from their homeland, his grandfather’s murder in prison, his neighbors’ betrayal of one another–led to a lifelong struggle to grasp humanity’s moral nature. Despite his conviction when he arrived on American soil that he had reached the land of the good, he discovered a more subtle evil at work all around him. Yet he also thrived through the generosity of one benefactor after another. Goodness, he found, isn’t inherent; it evolves from daily choice.

Through decades of reflection on human behavior, as well as philosophical and spiritual exploration, Peter arrived at a new perspective on the significance of our habitual choices. Every decision we make alters our biological nature, for better or worse–a model that has been confirmed by recent science.

The Constant Choice reveals a path for changing who we are and the future of humanity. It’s up to each of us to become activists for good.

Peter A. Georgescu is Chairman Emeritus of Young & Rubicam Inc. and author of “The Constant Choice” and “The Source of Success.” Under Mr. Georgescu’s leadership, Young & Rubicam successfully transformed from a private to a publicly-held company. During his tenure, Young & Rubicam built the most extensive database on global branding and, from its findings, developed a proprietary model for diagnosing and managing brands.

“The Constant Choice” is a remarkable story that transcends memoir or autobiography in favor of a reflective look at an unusual life. Peter Georgescu has chosen to write a ground-breaking book about his unlikely path in business and his own illuminating journey in the world of faith. Georgescu has struggled with the forces of both good and evil, which are often indistinguishable, disguised and difficult to differentiate from one another. His story offers a hope and clarity to those struggling in today’s confusing and frightening world.

In 2006, Mr. Georgescu published his first book “The Source of Success” — asserting that personal values and creativity, devoted to creating lasting relationships with individual customers, are the leading drivers of business success in the 21st Century.

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Peter Georgescu Interview with Dr. Michael Wayne

Published on Jun 12, 2013

Interviews with the Leading Edge is an exclusive video series on the Quantum Revolution website, at In this segment, Michael Wayne talks with Peter Georgescu, the former CEO and Chairman Emeritus of the advertising agency Young & Rubicam, and author of “The Constant Choice.”

In this inspiring interview, Peter talks about his remarkable life, from his childhood in Romania, where as a child in the 1950’s he was forced by the Soviets to work doing slave labor, to his coming to the U.S. as a teenager and then his rise in the business world. Along the way, Peter’s thoughts and worldview evolved, and he began to clearly see and understand human psychology and why people make choices that either reinforce behavior patterns that harm themselves and others, or make choices that serve the greater good. Peter’s conclusion is that each one of us can make a constant choice to transcend our baser instincts and go towards the good.

Peter Georgescu Speaking on The Constant Choice

Published on May 20, 2013

Peter Georgescu, author of The Constant Choice talks about his book, including his personal story of overcoming evil with good.

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