Voyager: The Art of Pure Awareness by Robin Craig Clark

An essential and inspirational work that conveys the inexpressible truth of existence–“we are pure awareness at centre, human in appearance.”

Abiding in the very heart of humanity is the key to true peace and happiness. Each of the twenty-five chapters presents a voyage toward our inner, universal self, bringing a deeper and wider perspective along the way. Exploring the shores of human-beingness ever more deeply, we realise, “soul is the lighthouse-the light that guides us safely home.” By simply experiencing ourselves without distraction of mind, we see through personal drama to our true nature.

Pure awareness is an art that requires practice to quiet the surface of mind and still the moving waters of our emotional seas. Awakening is recognising all appearances are illuminated from the light that shines in our heart.

We stand at the bow of our ship. The sky is clear, the sea is calm…Now voyager sail thou forth to seek and find. –Walt Whitman

Robin Clark (Peliguin.Com) trained as a film editor at Twickenham Studios in England. He holds a diploma in homeopathic medicine and has four books published to date. The Garden: A Non-duality Love Story, received the 2010 WA Premier’s Book Award for Digital Narrative. Puri: Search for Paradise was short-listed in the 2011 WA Premier’s Book Awards.

Robin has always felt the interconnectedness of life and passionately shares his thoughts and innermost experiences through his books.

Illustrator Amanda Clark is an international artist and illustrator best known for her imaginative work featuring animals, real and imagined, set within mystical landscapes, inspired by the English countryside. Deeply influenced by myths, fairy tales and folklore, her use of colours enchants the viewer with their celestial beauty. Amanda is sister to Robin and has illustrated all his published works.

Inspired by ancient Advaita teachings, Robin’s books speak directly to the heart, revealing the unity of the universe through story telling, poetic prose and glowing illustrations.

Advaita, or nonduality, is an ancient wisdom which comes to us through the Upanishads: A collection of spiritual texts composed over two and a half thousand years ago that teaches pure awareness.

“Pure, unfading light of pure awareness. This is the real self, remaining always free: This very self, within us all, is what we seek in all of our desires. Whoever sees and knows this self gains all the world, and finds the goal of all desire.” — Chandogya Upanishad

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Voyager: The Nature of Nonduality and the Art of Pure Awareness

Voyager is a quest to find out who we really are. A journey that takes us beyond ‘earth’s human shores’ in search of true peace and happiness. Life and everything we experience arise from awareness. We are never outside awareness. Just as waves are not separate from the ocean, we are not separate from awareness. We are each a human wave arising in ‘the sea of pure awareness.’

An adventure into the nonduality nature of pure awareness, Voyager inspires us along our own individual path of inner transformation. An essential and inspirational work that conveys the inexpressible truth of existence—”We are pure awareness at centre, human in appearance.”

Jane Goodall: A Retrospective

Jane Goodall has taught the world more about chimpanzees than anyone else in the world. Her dream to study our closest relatives began in 1960 in Gombe Park, Tanzania, and she continues her work to save them today.

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Polishing the Mirror How to Live from Your Spiritual Heart by Ram Dass

Publication Date Aug 2013

Sometimes illumination occurs spontaneously or, as Ram Dass experienced, in a heart-wrenching moment of opening. More commonly, it happens when we polish the mirror of the heart with daily practice—and see beyond the illusion of our transient thoughts and emotions to the vast and luminous landscape of our true nature.

For five decades, Ram Dass has explored the depths of consciousness and love and brought them to life as service to others. With Polishing the Mirror, he gathers together his essential teachings for living in the eternal present, here and now.

Readers will find within these pages a rich combination of perennial wisdom, humor, teaching stories, and detailed guidance on Ram Dass’ own spiritual practices, including:

>Bhakti Yoga—opening our hearts to unconditional love
>Practices for living, aging, dying, and embracing the natural flow of life
>Karma Yoga—how selfless service can profoundly transform us
>Working with fear and suffering as a path to grace and freedom
>Step-by-step guidance in devotional chant, meditation and mantra practice, and much more.

For those new to Ram Dass’ teachings, and for those to whom they are old friends, here is this vanguard spiritual explorer’s complete guide to discovering who we are and why we are here, and how to become beacons of unconditional love.

Ram Dass means “Servant of God.” Born Richard Alpert, Ram Dass is the founder of the Love Serve Remember Project and co-founder of the Seva Foundation and the Prison Ashram Project. He is the author of the worldwide spiritual classic Be Here Now, and many other books. For more information, visit

Ram Dass on Compassion in Action

Published on Jun 26, 2013

This is an excerpt from the full 90-minute DVD.…

Ram Dass probes deeply into the nature of helping relationships. He suggests that when we see deeply into each human being, no matter how desperate the situation, we are able to honor and learn from them. If we view ourselves as the “helper,” we become trapped in the prison of our own self-image — and this interferes with genuine compassion.

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