Blue Jean Buddha: Voices of Young Buddhists ~ Sumi Loundon

In an age when the Dalai Lama’s image has been used to sell computers, rock stars have used tantra to enhance their image, and for many, Nirvana calls to mind a favorite band, what can Buddhism mean to twenty-somethings? Blue Jean Buddha offers real stories about young Buddhists in their own words that affirm and inform the young adult Buddhist experience. This one-of-a-kind book was named a finalist in the 2002 Independent Publisher Book Awards (Multicultural Non-Fiction—Young Adult) as well in NAPRA’s Nautilus Awards. It is about the experiences of young people in America — from their late teens to early thirties — who have embraced Buddhism. Thirty-three first-person narratives reflect on a broad range of life-stories, lessons, and livelihood issues, such as growing up in a Zen center, struggling with relationships, caring for the dying, and using marathon running as meditation. Throughout, up-and-coming author Sumi Loundon provides an illuminating context for the tremendous variety of experiences shared in the book. Blue Jean Buddha sheds light on the practices and experiences of young people striving to bring Buddhism into their lives.
SUMI LOUNDON is a Buddhist writer and graduate of Harvard Divinity School, where she chaired the Harvard Buddhist Community. Her writing has appeared in Tricycle, Buddhadharma, and Shambhala Sun. She currently works as the Assistant Director of the Barre Center of Buddhist Studies, in Barre, Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband and baby daughter.

Click here to browse inside.

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