Vedic Astrology New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon will be in Gemini early Monday morning. This New Moon is also joined Mars, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury retrograde.

The Gemini Factor – Making Adjustments
Gemini is the sign of intellectual duality. The symbol is a man holding a club and a woman holding a musical instrument. This is meant to symbolize a very gentle, creative mind – mixed with a very strong and courageous one. The result is a perspective that delights in seeing all sides of an issue, often simultaneously. Once we see all sides of an issue, we can receive an unbiased answer. Then we have a choice: to act on what we now know, or pretend we do not know better. Gemini is where we can adapt to the situation, and act accordingly. The range of possible outcomes falls somewhere between the man with the club and the woman with the instrument.

Masculine Planets – Mars, Jupiter and Sun in Gemini

The three masculine planets are all in Gemini now as well, making this a particularly ripe time for change and starting something new. The courage to change is seen from the masculine planets, in general. The need to stabilize and enjoy is seen from the feminine planets – Venus and the Moon.

Putting our principles (Jupiter) into action (Mars) is very important now. It is important to connect to your highest truth (the Sun) and connect to that deepest inner light – and (of course) make the necessary adjustments.

Saturn Turns Direct
In addition to the new Moon, Saturn turns direct on the same day, which will help to clarify our long-term commitments.
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