The 10 Keys to Total Freedom: Gary M. Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer

These are the Ten Keys to Total Freedom. They are a way of living that will help you expand your capacity for consciousness so that you can have greater awareness about yourself, your life, this reality and beyond. With greater awareness you can begin creating the life you’ve always known was possible but haven’t yet achieved. If you will actually do and be these things, you will get free in every aspect of your life.

People have used these Ten Keys to get over depression, lack of money, relationship issues, body problems and many other situations that have seemed insurmountable. Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer explored the Ten Keys to Total Freedom in detail on a series of telecalls and conversations over a period of ten weeks with Access Consciousness® Facilitators and other people from all over the world.

This book is based on these main principles of Access Consciousness® that have changed, and continue to improve, people’s lives worldwide.

Gary Douglas is the Founder of Access Consciousness® which has now grown to 49 countries with over 2000 facilitators worldwide.

Access Consciousness® started 25 years ago and Gary has developed techniques using a simple set of tools that allow people to create dynamic changes in every area of their life using questioning and body awareness.

The tools are used globally to transform lives in private practices and as well in conjunction with addiction recovery, weight loss, business and money, animal health and in many holistic health modalities such as acupuncture and chiropractic care.

Prior to creating Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas was a successful realtor in Santa Barbara, California and also completed a psychology degree. Although he attained material wealth and was regarded as ‘successful’, his life began to lack meaning and so he began his search to find a new way forward- one that would create change in the world and in people’s lives.

Douglas has written several books on the subjects of money, relationships, magic and animals. In 2010 his book “The Place” became a Barnes and Noble bestseller. He describes the inspiration behind the writing, “I wanted to explore the possibilities for how life could be. To allow people to know there actually is no necessity to live with the aging, insanity, stupidity, intrigue, violence, craziness, trauma and drama we live with, as though we have no choice. ‘The Place’ is about people knowing that all things are possible. Choice is the source of creation. What if our choices can be changed in an instant? What if we could make choice more real than the decisions and stuck points we buy as real?”

His latest book, “The Ten Keys To Total Freedom”, co-authored with Dr. Dain Heer, was published in 2013.

Born in the Midwest and raised in San Diego, California, Douglas now lives in Santa Barbara. He has a psychology degree and has a wide range of business interests, including the Antique Guild in Brisbane, Australia and breeding Costarricense De Paso horses.

A vibrant 70-year-old grandfather (who is almost ‘ageless’) with a very different view on life, Gary works twelve-hour days, rides spirited stallions for a hobby and believes we are here to express our uniqueness and experience the ease and joy of living. He continues to inspire others, teaching across the world and making a massive contribution to the planet. He openly proclaims that for him, “life is just beginning”.

Change and Choice – Gary Douglas and Dain Heer – Founders of Access Consciousness™

Gary M. Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness™ and Dr. Dain Heer, Co-Creator of Access Consciousness, discuss Change and Choice and how it can contribute to the life you’ve always desired.


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