The Enlightenment of Work by Steve Nobel

THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF WORK: Revealing the Path to Happiness, Contentment and Purpose in Your Job by Steve Nobel, published by Watkins Publishing (256 pages).

Work affects most of us at some point in our lives. Work can be a source of growth, connection, and purpose, but too often it is a source of feeling aimless, bullied or manipulated. Sometimes it comes through overarching ambition, striving to climb up the corporate ladder only to find it is leaning in the wrong direction. There are degrees of emotional and physical suffering when we feel anger, misery and unhappiness with unenlightened work.

The Enlightenment of Work is about ending that suffering. This book is essential for anyone wishing to: Transform your suffering at work: Suffering can come in many ways. It can come through feeling aimless and bored where the only reason for being there is to collect a salary each month. It can come through stress, overwork and burnout. This book offers a simple philosophy: suffering happens – but we can transform that suffering. Realise their innate gifts, talents and purpose: Most work disconnects us from knowing our authentic self – our essence or soul. Trust your courage, ideas, intuition, and discover your true self.

Reclaim their time: Time is your most precious resource and one you cannot afford to waste. However, many of us work in busy environments that leave little time for real thinking or reflection, or for doing anything very new or interesting. Busy and idle minds can get locked into different forms of anxiety about the past and the future. The changing world of work demands emotional and spiritual intelligence. No one has to stay with work that oppresses the spirit. This new world is about choice.

Steve Nobel on the Enlightenment of Work

Published on Feb 17, 2013

Steve Nobel is a co-director of Alternatives (for the past 12 years) — a not for profit organisation based in St. James’s Church, Piccadilly, London. Steve is also a personal and business coach who specialises in working with creative clients — many of his clients are actors, copy-writers, designers and playwrights. He is an interviewer and has many free interviews with spiritual authors available on his website. He also has a number of free podcasts available on The Enlightenment of Work. He is the author of three non-fiction published books and is currently writing his fourth.

The Enlightenment of Work by Steve Nobel

Published on Feb 15, 2013

The simple message of my book is suffering in your work is unnecessary. When we go beyond our habitual patterns of suffering a whole new world of possibility opens up. It is always possible to be fulfilled in your work and be in alignment with your deepest values, calling and authentic spirit.

This video was produced and directed by the amazingly creative Anna Runefelt with the great illustrating skills of “Jackfrost”

Interview with Steve Nobel author of The Enlightenment of Work

The Enlightenment of Work: Stop Suffering and Start Loving Your Work – and Yourself


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