Emptiness and the Shore Beyond – Part II

Note: Please first read and watch the video Emptiness and the Shore Beyond – Part I

The Essence of the Heart Sutra is centered on the phrase “The form is nothing but emptiness, and emptiness is nothing but form”. All things are empty – this includes our psychic qualities, our thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions, our body and all the reality around us. To free ourselves of various human conditions such as sadness or anger, we need to realize that all are just transitory phenomena of reality. In this way we do not attach ourselves to the root of suffering.

The deep consideration of these statements encourages us to awaken the potential of wisdom about the causes and effects of actions and reactions all around us. Often our suffering comes from internal illusions we have of reality, but the secret to ending suffering is to understand the true nature of things; so if you suffer and it is in internal fighting, seek understanding and wisdom, and seek your own awakening.

Prajna-paramita Hrdaya Sutram (Sanskrit Version)

Aryavalokitesvara ‘Bodhisatva. Gharnbhiram Prajna-Paramita Caryaym Caramano,

Vyavalokiti Smaa Panca-skanda Asatta Sca Svabhaba Sunyam Pasyati Smaa

Iha Sariputra, Rupam Sunyam Sunyata iva Rupam.

Rupa Na. Vrtta Sunyata, ‘Sunyataya Na Vrtta Sa Rupam Yad Rupam-Sa- sunyata, Yad Sunyata Sa-rupam Evam Eva. Vedana, Samjna Sam-skara Vijnanam

Iha Sariputra Sarva Dharma Sunyata-Laksana Anutpanna Aniruddha, Amala A-vimala, Anuna A-paripurna

Tasmat Sariputra Sunyatayam Na Rupam, Na Vedana, Na Samjna, Na Samskara, Na Vihnanam. Na Caksu Srotra Ghrana Jihva Kaya Manasa, Na Rupam Sabda Gandha Rasa Sparstavya Dharma

Na Cakso-dhatu Yavat Na Manovijnam-dhatu Na Avidya, Na Avidya Kasayo. Yavat Na Jara-maranam, Na Jara Marana Ksayo. Na Dukha Samudaya, Nirodha, Marga

Na Jnana, Na Prapti, Na Abhi-samaya, Tasmat Na Prapti Tva Bodhisattvanam, Prajna-paramitam Asritya Viharatya Citta Avarana, Citta Avarana Na Shitva Na Trasto, Vi-paryasa Ati Kranta Nistha Nirvanam.

Try-adhva Vyavasthita sarva, Buddha Prajna-paramitam A-sritya Anuttara-samyak-sambodhim Abhi-sambuddha.

Tasmat Jnatavyam Prajna Paramita Maha-mantra, Maha-vidhya Mantra, Anuttara Mantra, Asama-samati Mantra. Sarva Dukha Pra-samana Satyam Amithyatva

Prajna-paramita Mukha Mantra Tadyatha, Gate Gate Para-gate Para- samgate Bodhi Svaha

The Heart Sutra – English Versions
Version 1

“When the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara was coursing in the Deep Prajna Paramita.” “He Perceived That All Five Skandhas Are Empty.” “Thus He Overcame All Ills and Suffering.”

“Oh, Sariputra, Form Does not Differ From the Void, And the Void Does Not Differ From Form. Form is Void and Void is Form; The Same is True For Feelings, Perceptions, Volitions and Consciousness.”

“Sariputra, the Characteristics of the Voidness of All Dharmas Are Non-Arising, Non-Ceasing, Non-Defiled, Non-Pure, Non-Increasing, Non-Decreasing.” “Therefore, in the Void There Are No Forms, No Feelings, Perceptions, Volitions or Consciousness.”

“No Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue, Body or Mind; No Form, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch or Mind Object; No Realm of the Eye, Until We Come to No realm of Consciousness.”

“No ignorance and Also No Ending of Ignorance, Until We Come to No Old Age and Death and No Ending of Old Age and Death.” “Also, There is No Truth of Suffering, Of the Cause of Suffering, Of the Cessation of Suffering, Nor of the Path.”

“There is No Wisdom, and There is No Attainment Whatsoever. Because There is Nothing to Be Attained, The Bodhisattva Relying On Prajna Paramita Has No Obstruction in His Mind.”

“Because There is No Obstruction, He Has no Fear, And He passes Far Beyond Confused Imagination. And Reaches Ultimate Nirvana.”

“The Buddhas of the Past, Present and Future, By Relying on Prajna Paramita, Have Attained Supreme Enlightenment. Therefore, the Prajna Paramita is the Great Magic Spell, The Spell of Illumination, the Supreme Spell, Which Can Truly Protect One From All Suffering Without Fail.”

“Therefore He Uttered the Spell of Prajnaparmita, Saying Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha.”
Version 2

Homage to the Perfection of Wisdom, the Lovely, the Holy!

Avalokita, The Holy Lord and Bodhisattva, was moving in the deep course of the Wisdom which has gone beyond. He looked down from on high, He beheld but five heaps, and he saw that in their own-being they were empty.

Here, Sariputra, form is emptiness and the very emptiness is form; emptiness does not differ from form, form does not differ from emptiness; whatever is form, that is emptiness, whatever is emptiness, that is form, the same is true of feelings, perceptions, impulses and consciousness.

Here, Sariputra, all dharmas are marked with emptiness; they are not produced or stopped, not defiled or immaculate, not deficient or complete.

Therefore, Sariputra, in emptiness there is no form, nor feeling, nor perception, nor impulse, nor consciousness; No eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind; No forms, sounds, smells, tastes, touchables or objects of mind; No sight-organ element, and so forth, until we come to: No mind-consciousness element; There is no ignorance, no extinction of ignorance, and so forth, until we come to: there is no decay and death, no extinction of decay and death. There is no suffering, no origination, no stopping, no path. There is no cognition, no attainment and non-attainment.

Therefore, Sariputra, it is because of his non-attainment that a Bodhisattva, through having relied on the Perfection of Wisdom, dwells without thought-coverings. In the absence of thought-coverings he has not been made to tremble, he has overcome what can upset, and in the end he attains to Nirvana.

All those who appear as Buddhas in the three periods of time fully awake to the utmost, right and perfect Enlightenment because they have relied on the Perfection of Wisdom. Therefore one should know the prajnaparamita as the great spell, the spell of great knowledge, the utmost spell, the unequalled spell, allayer of all suffering, in truth – for what could go wrong? By the prajnaparamita has this spell been delivered. It runs like this:

Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone altogether beyond, O what an awakening, all-hail!

Translation by Edward Conze, http://www.thebigview.com/buddhism

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PROfile: Marianne Williamson – Department of Peace Interview

Published on Jul 5, 2013

THE PEACE ALLIANCE Advocates for evidence-based peace building legislation and policies that will enhance capacity to reduce violence through prevention and intervention — building sustainable peace both domestically and internationally. Working to greatly increase peace building infrastructure and investment. Advocacy for a U.S. Department of Peace, The Youth PROMISE Act, and greater funding for U.S. Institute of Peace are a few examples of the policies being championed.

Department of Peace Campaign

Azim Khamisa, Marianne Williamson and others discuss violence in our culture and what solutions might be available through a US Department of Peace and Nonviolence

Interview of Vedic Astrologer Dr. Dennis Harness

Streamed live on Feb 7, 2013

Dr. Dennis Harness website: http://dennisharness.com/

The Energy of Consciousness ~ Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

This book describes spiritual adventures with mediums, healers, and ordinary people on various continents. It is written by mountaineer, professor and a world renown scientist, who has devoted his life to the study of spiritual worlds from a scientific perspective. Science, Information, and Spirit this is a recurring slogan of his work for many years, and also is the name for annual international congresses held in Saint-Petersburg every July.

This is a book about unusual situations in the world around us, and about unusual lives of apparently ordinary people in different countries. Measurements of health, prayer and love these are only some topics of these studies. Life – is a great adventure in our everyday reality, and you may receive a strong impulse of optimism by reading this book.

Click here to browse inside.

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov on Consciousness

Prof. Korotkov: Do human beings need technology to evolve ? Biophysics & consciousness

He has published over 200 papers in leading journals on physics and biology, and he holds 17 patents on biophysics inventions. Prof. Korotkov has led a research career for over 30 years, combining rigorous scientific method with an insatiable curiosity about things of the spirit and the soul with deep respect for all life. He is also a scholar in philosophy and a serious mountaineer of 25 years experience. He has given lectures, seminars and training sessions in 43 countries, presenting papers and workshops at more than 100 national and international conferences.

He is the author of 9 books; Most of them are translated to English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, including Light After Life: Experiments and Ideas on After-Death Changes of Kirlian Pictures, USA 1998. Aura and Consciousness — New Stage of Scientific Understanding, Russian Ministry of Culture, 1998. Human Energy Fields: Study with GDV Bioelectrography, USA 2002. Spiral Traverse, (USA?) 2006. An editor of the book: Measuring Energy Fields: State of the Art. GDV Bioelectrography series, USA 2004.

At the V Congress of the International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography (IUMAB) in Curitiba, Brasil, (Brazil, in USA) in 2001, Dr. Korotkov was elected as President of the IUMAB by the world’s most prominent researchers. He was re-elected as a President in 2005 and 2010. He is a Member of the Federal University Scientific Board on new medical technologies, Member of the Scientific Board of the European Society of Predictive Medicine (France) and of the Editorial Board of the «Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine» (USA).

His scientific line, known as the Electrophotonics, is based on Gas Discharge Visualization technique (GDV), is a breakthrough beyond Kirlian photography for direct, real-time viewing of the human energy fields. This new technology allows one to capture by a special camera the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy emanating to and from an individual, plants, liquids, powders, inanimate objects and translate this into a computerized model. This allows researcher and client to see imbalances that may be influencing an individual’s well-being greatly facilitating the diagnosis of the CAUSE of any existing imbalances showing the area of the body and the organ systems involved. One of the greatest benefits to date is the ability to do “real-time” measurements of a variety of treatments for such conditions as cancer to determine which is the most appropriate for the client.

The incredible implications for the diagnosis and treatment of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions with applications in medicine, psychology, sound therapy, biophysics, genetics, forensic science, agriculture, ecology etc. have only just begun.

The EPC/GDV technique is accepted by Russian Ministry of Health as a Medical technology and certified in Europe. More than 1000 doctors, practitioners and researchers benefit from using this technology worldwide. More than 150 papers are published on GDV in different countries.

source http://korotkov.org/

“Transcendence” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart discusses what it means to overcome our compulsive identification with thoughts and live in continual internal alignment with the evolutionary impulse of the universe.

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