Enlightenment is an ongoing process not a goal ~ Gary Weber

Dialogue between Gary Weber and Rich Doyle on the nature of enlightenment and how it is not an end point, but an ongoing process of enlargement. The joy of the endless adventure of expansion and deepening of awakening. The great gift of obstacles to work with. Increasing levels of challenge of obstacles. Don’t take delivery on the package of old memories and stories which arise.

Brain Wars: The Scientific Battle Over the Existence of the Mind and the Proof That Will Change the Way We Live Our Lives by Mario Beauregard

The brain can be weighed, measured, scanned, dissected, and studied. The mind that we conceive to be generated by the brain, however, remains a mystery. It has no mass, no volume, and no shape, and it cannot be measured in space and time. Yet it is as real as neurons, neurotransmitters, and synaptic junctions. It is also very powerful.
—from Brain Wars

Is the brain “a computer made of meat,” and human consciousness a simple product of electrical impulses? The idea that matter is all that exists has dominated science since the late nineteenth century and led to the long-standing scientific and popular understanding of the brain as simply a collection of neurons and neural activity. But for acclaimed neuroscientist Mario Beauregard, Ph.D., along with a rising number of colleagues and others, this materialist-based view clashes with what we feel and experience every day.

In Brain Wars, Dr. Beauregard delivers a paradigm-shifting examination of the role of the brain and mind. Filled with engaging, surprising, and cutting-edge scientific accounts, this eye-opening book makes the increasingly indisputable case that our immaterial minds influence what happens in our brains, our bodies, and even beyond our bodies. Examining the hard science behind “unexplained” phenomena such as the placebo effect, self-healing, brain control, meditation, hypnosis, and near-death and mystical experiences, Dr. Beauregard reveals the mind’s capabilities and explores new answers to age-old mind-body questions.

Radically shifting our comprehension of the role of consciousness in the universe, Brain Wars forces us to consider the immense untapped power of the mind and explore the profound social, moral, and spiritual implications that this new understanding holds for our future.

Mario Beauregard’s groundbreaking work on the neurobiology of mystical experience at the University of Montreal has received international media coverage. Before becoming a faculty member there, he conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Texas and the Montreal Neurological Institute (McGill University). Because of his research into the neuro-science of consciousness, he was selected by the World Media Net to be among the “One Hundred Pioneers of the 21st Century.” He lives in Montreal, Canada.

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Dr. Mario Beauregard Discusses His New Book, ‘Brain Wars’.

Dr. Mario Beauregard, PhD., is currently Associate Research Professor at the University of Montreal (Departments of Psychology and Radiology, Neuroscience Research Center). He is the author of more than 100 publications in neuroscience, psychology, and psychiatry. Because of his research into the neuroscience of consciousness, he was selected (2000) by the World Media Net to be among the “”One Hundred Pioneers of the 21st Century.””

His groundbreaking work on the neurobiology of emotion regulation and spiritual experiences has received international media coverage. In 2006, he received the Joel F. Lubar Award for his contribution to the field of neuron feedback. The National Film Board of Canada has produced a documentary film about his work titled The Mystical Brain (2007). In 2010, Dr. Beauregard was decorated with the prestigious Spectrum Award by The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. To date, Dr. Beauregard has published two trade books titled The Spiritual Brain (2007) and Brain Wars (2012).

Dr Mario Beauregard: BRAIN WARS The Scientific Battle Over the Existence of the Mind

Published on May 25, 2012

Brain Wars: The Scientific Battle Over the Existence of the Mind and the Proof That Will Change the Way We Live Our Lives

Letting go into the bliss and joy of stillness ~ Gary Weber

Dialogue between Gary Weber and Rich Doyle on the approaches, and processes of letting go into the deep bliss of stillness. Byron Katie’s “The Work” and the Sedona Method are explained as well as Ramana Maharshi’s “unchanging vs changing” approach to accessing the “peace that passeth understanding”. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Michele Foucault, Robert Adams and Miles Davis also make appearances.

“Everything Is Predetermined” Einstein and Ramana Maharshi – Gary Weber

Both Einstein and Ramana Maharshi made almost identical statements that “everything is predetermined”. Nobel Laureates Eugene Wigner and Francis Crick (co-discoverer of DNA) made similar statements. The ground-breaking experimental work of Libet and many contemporary cognitive neuroscientists support these statements.

This is the first part of a presentation at the Science and Non-Duality Conference in San Rafael, CA in October 2009. The second part is covered in the video “Intelligence Choice is Impossible”; the third and last part is covered in “You Are Not In Control”.

There is a new video “Predestination, free will, control and the illusion of time” which explains much on these concepts.

Additional information is @ blog:happinessbeyondthought.blogspot.com website: happiness-beyond-thought.com book: Happiness Beyond Thought: A Practical Guide to Awakening. Downloadable @ http://preview.tinyurl.com/bslfll8 youTube: Gary Weber Nonduality FB

Gary Weber – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Published on Jul 15, 2013

Biographies seem to be of intense interest to many folk. It is not clear what purpose they serve, positive or negative, but as others include them, here is one.

It is important to remember that a biography is only one version of the story, always remembered incorrectly, even if the intent is “total” honesty. Recent brain studies have shown that the brain modifies long-term memories and that they are not what was actually recorded by the mind, which was already highly subjective and selective. It is in the third person as it really didn’t happen to “me”.

The author was raised in a devout Methodist home and through early adolescence was involved in religious affairs, giving annual religious talks. From early adolescence until late twenties, he went through a secular life with marriage, two children, undergraduate school, military service, and then graduate school.

Following a near-death experience in the military, he became intent on deeply exploring what was possible to bring understanding to life, to personally experience “enlightenment”, and to end the mental turmoil and suffering he experienced and saw in those around him. One day, reading what turned out to be a famous Zen poem that he had happened upon “by accident”, the normal world fell away and he was in a state never before experienced and beyond any context he knew. After some time the state passed, but he was left with a burning desire to return to whatever it was that he had experienced. He went deeply into Zen meditation, and then various yogas, first so that he could sit for longer periods and then to work with the body to further inquiry.

When he finished graduate school and became a scientist at a national research center, he continued to take teachers’ training courses and studied with different yoga and Zen teachers and philosophers. Arising daily, hours before work, he would meditate and do yoga asanas, and at night would meditate, do yoga and read philosophy. Several times, he taught yoga and meditation wherever he was, but, despite the interest of the students, he would ultimately stop as he knew that he had not achieved full understanding.

This process continued for over 25 years through a series of jobs in different industrial companies eventually reaching the senior executive level of a major company with 1000 folk, 4 research laboratories and a budget of $260M; children were raised, went off to college, etc. During this time, there were many experiences and “enlightenments”, but nothing that was lasting, that really touched the core of reality or that ended the suffering brought about by thought.

One day, after having consciously surrendered every attachment, and given up completely on being able to reach the final understanding “by his efforts”, doing an asana done thousands of times before, a complete shift in consciousness occurred in which self-referential thought fell away and all that happened, happened in stillness and presence. He realized that he was not this body, nor these thoughts, but the undying consciousness behind them. He saw that everything was perfect as it was and that all was somehow within him, and that simultaneously everything was God.

This shift was so complete and radical that he soon left his executive position, did many silent retreats and visits to Zen masters, and yoga teachers in the U.S. and India to confirm and deepen his understanding. To further test his understanding, and to see if it was possible to function successfully from an awakened state, he took other complex, high responsibility, upper-level management positions in fields in which he had no previous experience, and was successful.

During this last period, at the urging of students, other yoga teachers, and a Zen master, he began teaching again.

Since then, he has taught, authored two books, a blog, several articles, numerous videos, interviews, and presentations on nonduality and neuroscience at various conferences and universities. He has been a subject and/or collaborator in cognitive neuroscience and meditation studies at Baumann Institute, IONS, CSNSC, Yale, Johns Hopkins, and Penn State.

All of these experiences really happened to no one, and they ultimately really mean nothing. The events were created out of the control of any “I” and arose from nothingness and went into nothingness. Attaching any importance, ownership, or personal causation to these events is incorrect. However your spiritual path unfolds, it will certainly be different from this one.

As one of his Zen teachers said frequently, “Whatever happens to you is none of your business”. Or, as the poet Rumi has said, “Your life is not your own”.

Books: Happiness Beyond Thought: A Practical Guide to Awakening Dancing Beyond Thought: Bhagavad Gita Verses and Dialogues for Awakening” (in publishing)

Website: Awakening Beyond Thought

View here for his book, “Happiness beyond Thought: A practical guide to awakening”

EarthKeeper: Undeveloping the Future ~ Adam C. Hall

The EarthKeeper is an inspiring story about a ruthless millionaire who woke up from his worldly life to become a steward of the planet in the sacred tradition of the Hopi, Maya, and Incan cultures. It’s a tale of high adventure filled with tears and heartbreak, transcendence and triumph, fate and destiny, peace and love.

One day as Adam Hall was racing through life he met a palm reader who spoke of separation. This one word triggered a series of questions about death, life, and purpose. Figuring that, if he could not realize his purpose on earth, than what’s it all worth anyway? Was he to live fully or just bide his time until death?

Step-by-step, this line of questioning exploded life, as he knew it. It propelled him on a quest that cost him his family and more. His work in real-estate dwindled drastically because he was utterly through with the dog-eat-dog mentality of doing business, and sought a new way. He lost his self-identity, because who are you if you suddenly realize that key aspects of your life was based on illusions? In the EarthKeeper, Adam turns his world upside down and opens the door to an entirely new perspective.

Following his quest, we will journey along with him as he travels the globe and discovers the ancient map of his soul. He shares the “highs and lows” as he traverses four roads of life, the physical, emotional, spiritual, and divine. Along the way he discovers the secrets of nature and all of life. All the while, we’ll see how he courageously faces his own demons and takes responsibility for his former ruthlessness and misdeeds, and slowly, but surely, finds an inner peace unassailable by outer events.

Finally, working with shamans in Peru, he receives a vision that wakes him up to his destiny: he will be among those who assume the sacred duty of preserving and honoring our precious humanity. He finds environmental redemption and vows to foster planetary well-being

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EarthKeeper Trailer Final 2

Adam C Hall

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