Fading in the Light ~ James Waite (Author)

FADING IN THE LIGHT introduces a rarely presented sense of the Timeless in its revolutionary approach to aware living and aging from a nondual perspective. This timelessness is not religious or philosophical or even, ultimately, spiritual; it’s the practical reality of our need as we all age to understand time from the perspective of the timeless. To explore the face of reality we all see in our mirrors day to day, but with new eyes to see the underlying truth of our Being. It is engaging and transformative, shining a new light on what we think we know about who we are, what life is and what death is. Perhaps now, in these more open and informed times, it has a role to play in addressing why and how we suffer unnecessarily from our own religious and culturally institutionalized and personalized ideas about life, living, and dying.

James Waite is a writer, designer and business owner in Berkeley, California. The simple realization of Oneness after a thirty-year spiritual search is reflected in his nondualityliving.com site where he explores what it’s like to serve truth in everyday aware living. He is the author of WHOLE, HERE, AND HAPPY as well as FADING IN THE LIGHT.

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James Waite – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

My story is your story. It’s the story of all mankind, of all the kinds of men or women we imagine and insist we are. In truth, there is no me or you, and no real story. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been hesitating so much to write this “My Story” part here. It seems so obviously invented, so manufactured, so much like lying to sit here and think up what happened, knowing clearly that it’s all bullshit, if you know what I mean? (And I know you do.)

On top of all this hesitation, there’s a realization that things are changing here all the while; that these and all words are misleading in themselves, but also, simultaneously, there continues to be an expanding of this awareness of being and its nature — to express itself. How? Who knows? Writing continues, so I continue to write.

With that expression comes more new discoveries followed by a kind of interior murmuring that can only mentally note, after the fact. It’s a commenting voice that seems to always be catching up to the activity of Now, to the revelation of this dance we’re dancing. It says “oh, of course, I see that!” It’s a gentle knowing sans judging which is hard to describe, but one which we all know none the less.

So what’s my story?

What’s going on here?

James’ book: Fading in the Light

Interview conducted 6/1/2013

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