Absolute Cooperation With the Inevitable – Part 1A & Part 1B ~ Tara Brach

Published on Jul 25, 2013

Absolute Cooperation With the Inevitable
This talk addresses common misunderstandings about acceptance (allowing, “letting be”) and explores the challenges and blessings of opening to the raw emotions that we habitually avoid.

Absolute Cooperation With the Inevitable – Part 1B (07 17 2013)

You Are the Buddha ~ Adyashanti

Rediscovered years later in an old file, the following talk was written by Adyashanti in preparation for the first silent retreat he taught, in July 1997:

Starting right now, this moment, I am asking you to become the Buddha. I am asking you to take your stand, to stand absolutely firm in your intention to awaken to the Truth of your Self.

This is what the Buddha did. He didn’t say, “I’ll try.” He didn’t say, “I hope I’ll find the Truth.” He didn’t say, “I’ll do my best.” He didn’t say, “If not in this lifetime, then maybe next lifetime.” He came to the point where he didn’t look for anyone else to tell him the Truth or show him the Truth. He came to the point where he took it all on himself. He sat alone under the Bodhi Tree and vowed never to give up until the Truth be realized.

The power of this very simple, yet unshakable intention and absolute stand to be liberated in this lifetime propelled him to awaken to the simple fact that he and all beings are liberated—that all beings are freedom itself. Pure awakeness.

The Buddha was no different from you. No different. That is why he serves as a good model, because he was as you are now. So don’t worship the Buddha. Don’t put him on a pedestal. Don’t even look up to him. Become him. Have the same intentions, take the same stand. Be the Buddha now! Put an end to all delaying, to all excuses, to all bowing down to saintly figures of the past or present. Stand up!
You are the Buddha! You are freedom itself! Stop dreaming your dream! Stop pretending that you are in bondage—stop telling yourself that lie! Stop pretending to be someone, or something! You are no one, you are no-thing! You are not this body or this mind. This body and mind exist within who and what you are. You are pure consciousness, already free, awake, and liberated. Stand up and walk out of your dream. I am here to say that you can do this.

Step out of the dream of your concepts and ideas. Step out of the dream of what you imagine enlightenment to be. Step out of the dream of who you think you are. Step out of the dream of everything you have ever known. Step out of your dream of being a deluded person. Stop telling yourself those lies and dreaming those dreams. Step out of all of that. You can do it. Nothing is holding you back. There are no requirements and no prerequisites to awaken. There is nothing to be done, nothing to think, nowhere to go.

Just stop all dreaming. Stop all doing. Stop all excuses. Just stop and be still. Effortlessly be still. Grace will do the rest.

At each and every moment from here on out, have the intention to directly experience Truth, your true liberated Self. Don’t think about the Truth—directly return to your experience here, now, moment to moment. Experience Truth. Experience your Self. Dive into your experience. Your experience! Your experience of hearing, of seeing, of tasting, of breathing, of your heart beating, of your feet touching the floor, of the birds, of the wind.

Experience the vastness of who you are. Experience the freedom of who you are. You are the Buddha—experience that. You are the Buddha.

© 2005 Adyashanti

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Seeds of Enlightenment – An In-Depth Inquiry with Mukti

There is a knowingness of our essential being that exists prior to any thought. What is it to be that knowingness consciously and to function from this awakeness? Recorded live during four consecutive satsangs with Mukti in Boulder, CO, this engaging 5-CD album offers a synthesis of her core teachings. Through insightful talks and revealing inquiry with the audience, Mukti plants potent seeds for the sprouting of enlightened understanding and living.


Topics Include:

– The Knowingness of Being
– Eyes of the Heart
– The Power of Inquiry
– How Consciousness Blooms
– Living the Realization
– Sensing Inner Wisdom

Quotes from This Album:

“You are beingness itself. You are the knowingness that is so intimate with the being that they are as if one thing.”

“What is this knowingness that already is — that requires no controlling, no management, no agenda, no directing, that wants nothing, that requires nothing, and that is defined by nothing? What is it to know that?”

“In silent sitting, all energies are welcomed. These energies can settle, and the sense of me can give way to a sense of undivided reality.”

Note: This product is available in CD form only, and is not currently available as an audio download.

Click here and listen to an excerpt

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