You are already there: an experience in Consciousness By Robert Gregory

You Are Already There YOU CAN NEVER BE ANYWHERE ELSE There are so many chasing this so-called enlightenment, when all along they are already there, but because this is too simple they just don’t want to believe it. They are after something harder, something that makes them feel they have deserved this reward of enlightenment.

This is my story of my own inner experience in this so-called enlightenment. I have shared what I disappeared into and came out laughing-because I have realised that this so-called enlightenment is simply who we all are; we are there, we have always been there, and we can be nowhere else but there. I’ll share with you my own experience and what brought me to this experience of so-called enlightenment and how you can also experience what I and many more have experienced. You will learn that there is no big deal to this experience, and it’s so simple that you will be laughing at how simple it is, and you may wonder why you never realised this before. It’s all fun, so don’t take anything I say seriously. In fact, never take anything seriously about enlightenment. After all, You Are Already There.

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The Next Awakening: How Religion and Science Are Both Wrong ~ Dr. Ricky L. Cox

Did man evolve accidentally, or is his existence the result of a creative act? Is there life after death? Am I given a purpose? Where do we look for answers to such questions, assuming we care?

In Christianity alone, statisticians tell us there are over thirty thousand denominations. Which of these offers authentic truth? It is no small inquiry. I venture to say there is no man, woman, or child who will not contemplate the questions of how they came to exist, the purpose behind it, whether they will continue to exist and in what way.

Furthermore, the central question of the existence of a higher power and its consequences for us has vexed and divided mankind since he first aspired to ask it. In the seventeenth century, when Galileo described the earth as rotating the sun, science began to assert itself as the arbiter of the yet unknown. With the Age of Reason, the authority of the scientific method of inquiry began its rise to occupying the place of rational authority. Religion experienced a relatively humbling categorization as quaint mystery. Most unsolved material questions that were matters of competing views have fallen to the credit of the scientist. We now know why volcanoes erupt, in other words. But the scientist has overextended himself. He rose from the high seat to mount the high horse; explaining all things by reducing them to their smallest elements. His accounting for cosmogenesis, arrival of life, evolution, and the nonexistence of God is an accounting he cannot make without assumptions. So he assumes for us all. This creates a troublesome dilemma for modern man. Is he required to reject his faith, or in practicing faith in God, is he required to reject the rationality of science?

In “The Next Awakening,” a solution is offered to the wrangling debate of the atheistic scientist with the fundamentalist Christian.

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Upcoming Book – soon to be published – the thesis that the explanatory templates of western religion and science are outdated. A more unifying paradigm is evolving.

The Zodiac Within You: How All 12 Signs Impact Your Life ~ Arnold Lane

Within these pages you will find that you are made up of all the 12 signs of the zodiac. You will realize that you have the traits and qualities of all the signs within you and that any combination of them can be active in your life on a daily basis. You will be taken on an inner journey of exploration into the zodiac of your psyche that connects you to a greater awareness of who you are.
The information presented is new and different than what is generally described in existing astrology books. My intent is to offer an innovative and contemporary approach to understanding the signs and their primary planetary influences. This system is called Revolutionary Astrology. It emphasizes a unique interpretation of the meaning of the planets orbiting through the signs.
Even though the planets have gotten a “bad reputation” for being the cause of human miseries, Revolutionary Astrology teaches they are here (there) to serve us and work with us in our evolution. We can look up at the heavens from time to time and say, “Thank you. I feel you looking out for me.” The Goddesses and Gods are sentient beings who bless us with and in their movements through the heavens. They represent a portion of our guides, teachers, and elders who we “consulted with” before incarnating for our next evolutionary journey in human form.

Anold Lane (pronounced a-NOLD) has been working in the healing arts for over 30 years. As a Revolutionary Astrologer, he has written for several magazines and newspapers and presented his craft on talk radio in several states. He has taught metaphysical classes and led numerous retreats. Anold combined his talent as a professional musician with his love for alternative healing through a technology known as the Sound Table. In addition, he has developed a unique system for awakening to the essence of who you are known as Evolutionary Dialogues™. This process involves releasing limiting perceptual patterns through the encoding process that Anold has written about in his book Encodings of Light: A Profound System to Empower and Awaken You. Through Evolutionary Dialogues™, he guides you in the acceleration of your awakening and wholeness. Anold currently lives in the Seattle area.

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The wonderful surprises of awakening beyond thought ~ Gary Weber

Published on Jul 28, 2013

Dialogue between Gary Weber and Rich Doyle on the many wonderful, surprising and sweet changes that occur with nondual awakening beyond self-referential thought.

Awakening not a fixed thing/event, but a continuous magnificent unfolding. The sublime simplicity, intimacy, and miraculous “ordinariness” of everyday life. The great sweetness of “now, now, now”. The change in the nature of desire and the increased pleasure of pleasures w/o mental processing, craving or expectation. Increased creativity and bandwidth for more “Aha” moments.

View here on Gary’s book ” Happiness Beyond Thought: A Practical Guide to Awakening”

Awareness Never Changes ~ Francis Lucille

Q&A session with Francis Lucille at SAND 2010

What is Enlightenment?’ with Paul Smit, Tim Freke and Gary Weber, Moderated by Iain and Renate McNay

Published on Jul 19, 2013

What is Enlightenment?’ with Paul Smit, Tim Freke and Gary Weber, Moderated by Iain and Renate McNay.

This panel explores what the terms people use actually mean; Enlightenment. Awakening; self-realisation, Non-dual. Absolute Reality etc…. how does it all fit together? Does it fit together? People say they have experienced or live in these different states; is there some kind of map or understanding that brings them together?

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