Polishing the Mirror: How to Live From Your Spiritual Heart by Ram Dass (Author), Rameshwar Das (Contributor)

Ram Dass (born Richard Alpert, a Harvard University Professor who traveled to India in the early 1960s to explore spirituality), is an American contemporary spiritual teacher who has dedicated himself to the search of inner peace and tranquility. His message of “Be Here Now” caught on among the seekers of spirituality as a cultural shift in consciousness. This book reiterates that message through practicing loving awareness of being here and living fully in the moment (now). As individuals we tend to get lost in the world easily, but the author strongly believes in getting back to one’s “self.” Tuning in to one’s spirit is the recommended practice to master. Ram Dass proposes not to get overwhelmed by expectations but to practice yoga, pray and meditate daily, recite mantras and hymns, and ultimately, listen to your inner self. These are the keys to inner peace and happiness.

Moments of boundless love and realization do occur spontaneously, reflects Ram Dass, but it is our daily life practice that clarifies the mind and heart-and makes these experiences an abiding part of who we are.

For over five decades, Ram Dass has ventured across the globe, into the depths of consciousness, and along the path of service to others. With Polishing the Mirror, he gathers together his most essential practice-based guidance for living fully in the here and now.

Readers will find within these pages a rich combination of perennial wisdom, humor, teaching stories, and detailed “nuts-and-bolts” instruction on Ram Dass’ most valued spiritual practices, including:

.Bhakti Yoga-opening our hearts to universal love
.Practices for living, aging, dying, and embracing the natural flow of life
.Karma Yoga-how humility and service profoundly transform us
.Working with fear and suffering as a path to grace and freedom
.Step-by-step guidance in devotional chant, mantra and mala practices, and much more

For those both familiar and new to Ram Dass’ teachings, here is this vanguard spiritual explorer’s complete guide for polishing the mirror of the soul, discovering who we are and why we are here, and reflecting fully the light of our true nature.

Ram Dass means “Servant of God.” Born Richard Alpert, Ram Dass is the founder of the Love Serve Remember Project and co-founder of the Seva Foundation and the Prison Ashram Project. He is the author of the worldwide spiritual classic Be Here Now, and many other books. For more information, visit ramdass.org.

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Ram Dass and Rameshwar Das on the Mirror of the Guru

Ram Dass and Rameshwar Das (Co-Author of Polishing the Mirror) talk about the moment of transformation after meeting Maharaji, and being reflected in “The Mirror”

A Journey to Oneness: A Chronicle of Spiritual Emergence by Rasha

“AN EXTRAORDINARY VOYAGE THROUGH THE LABYRINTHS OF CONSCIOUSNESS! In A Journey to Oneness–the long-awaited sequel to the spiritual classic, Oneness–Rasha takes us on a fascinating seven year odyssey, as she shares the incredible story of her own spiritual journey.

With the profound wisdom of Oneness (the Divine Presence many refer to as “God”) to light the way, this vivid literary tapestry gives us a candid glimpse into the depths of the awakening process and takes us for an authentic ride on the roller coaster of spiritual transformation. The loving words of Oneness, woven throughout, convey a deep sense of the sacred. And the simple act of reading becomes a life changing Divine encounter that each reader shares on an intimate, personal level.

Rich with Divine insight, A Journey to Oneness gives us a vibrant new vision of the nature of humanness and an in-depth guide to discovering the Divinity within. Here, in one woman’s unforgettable spiritual adventure, is the key to the actual experience of Oneness–the God within us all.”
Author of “Oneness”, Rasha awakened to her inner-calling as a conduit of Divine guidance in 1987. She began working with Oneness, the Divinity we share, in 1998, documenting the Revelations that serve as the foundation for her work. In the process, she was taken step by step through the sacred journey to Oneness and through the life-altering changes that are shaking the foundation of today’s world.

As a spiritual teacher with a profound message, Rasha is not affiliated with any established spiritual path, religion or guru. Her teachings are universal and focus on the experience of the Divinity within each of us. She has dedicated her life to addressing the profound spiritual awakening that is the hallmark of these times.

American by birth, Rasha now lives at the foot of the mystical mountain, Arunachala, in South India. There, cloistered in blessed silence, life is filled with the joy of transcribing the words of Oneness for future volumes.

Soul Adventure TV – Rasha

Her talent is unique and so is her story. It was the summer of 87 and at the time Rasha was not channeling but rather earned her living as a Nashville songwriter. She was alone – sitting by a lake and scribbling lyrics for a love song on the back of an envelope.

Then “out of the blue” she suddenly hears the whispered words “I love you” and experiences what Rasha describes as a “blasting wide open” of her heart chakra followed by a stream of mind-stretching spiritual concepts and information flooding her consciousness.

Since 1998 Rasha has served as the channel for a universal, divine presence calling itself Oneness which in turn led to her publishing a book of channeled teachings called simply “Oneness”

A second volume of teachings from Oneness will be published in 2013 called “A Journey to Oneness: A Chronicle of Spiritual Emergence”

DISMANTLING THE STRUCTURE OF THE EGO : Restructuring Everything Build Upon Ego by Jacqui Derbecker

Dismantling the Structure of the Ego exposes how the ego is currently being dismantled and the re-alignment of your true self is emerging. This is a time of restructuring yourself and the beginning of the realization of who you truly are. This book explains and details the specifics of ego dismantling as they apply to every aspect of your life. This book was created through Jacqui by the process of automatic writing, in which the words flowed from her pen onto the paper. Allow this book to read you and help you to recognize where in your life ego beliefs are being dismantled.

Jacqui Derbecker is a qualified teacher, consultant, speaker, writer, and visionary. She felt honoured to channel and share the New Mayan Calendar post 2012 and the Edgar Cayce prophecies in her book. Each prophecy touches upon the living aspects of: career, relationships, financial, emotional, physical, mind, Spirit, and your sense of community.

Through her passionate exploration of deeper consciousness she demonstrates her skill in spiritual communication. She teaches clients how to connect with their inner authentic self. Her wish for you is to realize that you are the Essence of Spirit. Jacqui resides outside of Toronto, Canada.

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