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Man, the Spiritual Being

“You don’t have a Soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.” ~ C.S. Lewis

A spiritual being is the one that lives independently of the existence of a physical body: a being able to exist without the physical frame and its self-determined operations.

It is a fact that the Soul is united to the body and requires the cooperation of the organs of the same body to realize itself into individual manifestation through the body’s sensitive processes. Even with this interdependency of function, the Soul is a pretty self-governing and does not rely exclusively on the body and its intellectual functions to proceed into its path of evolution. The Soul is able to think and to absorb and register experiences even without the official knowledge of the personality and/or of the corporal garment.

“Begin to see yourself as a Soul with a body rather than a body with a Soul.”
~Wayne Dyer

This line of thought tends to infer that the Soul may not totally immerse in the corporal body, but utilizes it for the purpose of experience, but in truth the Soul is our ultimate spiritual vehicle and natural state of Being. Through our Soul, we establish a conscious connection with the Unconscious Cosmos.

It is safe to say that our immortal part safeguards into itself a blueprint of purpose, which enriches progressively though the lifetime’s experiences of some of its struggling extensions, or individualized egos. The drive behind this cyclical reincarnation process is to learn and to experience of multitudes of frequencies, emotions, and to experiment the timelines of manifestation of itself.

“The human Soul has still greater need of the ideal than of the real. It is by the real that we exist; it is by the ideal that we live.”
~Victor Hugo

In the process of mirroring itself through the multidimensional degrees of manifestation and through the practicing of Free Will, the Soul learns its flaws and also its strengths, which makes it much easier to perceive what is needed in order to perfect itself and continue its cosmic journey.

There is no good or bad in this process of assimilation of experiences: only realization and understanding. The perception of dichotomy of what is good and what is evil is only just a reflection of the plane of dualistic manifestation, and this is obviously not the substrata, or frame of reference, for the Soul’s playground.

The Brain as Interface Between Realms

“This is the ultimate end of man, to find the One which is in him; which is his truth, which is his Soul; the key with which he opens the gate of the spiritual life, the heavenly kingdom.”
~Rabindranath Tagore

The simplicity and spirituality which characterize the phenomenon of the Intelligence cannot lead us to believe that the physical material brain is actually the place from where ideals and concepts come from, nor the primary cause of the thought process. Nevertheless, we recognize that the healthy conditions of the physical brain are accountable for the healthy communication of the thought process. The higher intelligence needs a strong vehicle to express itself at its best.

This way, the brain is nothing more than the material instrument of the immaterial Soul to express its ideas, programs and to be the facilitator for the play of our Cosmic/Karmic Dramas. Aristotle observed that we are able to think without organs, because the understanding is not related nor connected to any specific corporal organ.

“The Soul cannot think without a picture.”

In our present state of being, we are not able to think without the auxiliary concept of Imageries. Imagination is actually an etheric faculty, coupled with the vast web of connections inside of our nervous system. It is only at this point when the actual Intelligence and the thought process can be said to be physically connected to the physical structure. This way we can safely say that a brain lesion or occurrence of insanity cannot harm the intelligence per se, but can greatly damage the way and the conditions used for the same intelligence to express itself properly. In this same note, we can say that the physical brain can function as the interface between the realms of the Soul and the material world.

The Union of the Soul and the Body

Healing“Oh Soul,
you worry too much.
You have seen your own strength.
You have seen your own beauty.
You have seen your golden wings.
Of anything less,
why do you worry?
You are in truth
the Soul, of the Soul, of the Soul.”
~ Jalal ad-Din Rumi

The philosopher Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas, along with the majority of the spiritually transcendent writers, did not perceive the existence of two distinctive principle of life in Man. They believed that aside of its conscientious and psychological activities, the Soul was also responsible for the physiological functions of the material body. In their understanding, the Soul was the only active principal responsible for all the vital activities pertaining to human existence.

In Truth, the body does not exist without the Soul and has no manifestation without it until the moment of the embrace occurs: the very moment where the alchemical process of integration occurs. From the guidance of the Soul, the body receives the sense of unity, purpose, the breath of life and its programmed experiences: everything that will animate the corporal vehicle and propel it to form a human being.

This way the body only separates itself from the Soul in the advent of death, when it loses all its characters and its specific determinations; and once more reducing itself to a compound of chemical elements. The Soul, in its turn, continues to be real and exist in its own spiritual reality, even in a separated way from the body. Without its previous material garment, the Soul now is prevented to continue the work with its abilities and skills that requires the involvement of physical organs such as sensibility, exterior perception and projective imagination. Yet its cycle of development continues to progress in different dimensional scenarios.

“Cogito ergo sum”
~ Descartes

Again, for various philosophers and thinkers such as Aristotle, the body is the material expression of the Spirit, while the Soul is its conceptual format. The merging of both, in their various levels, form what we know to be the true essence of the terrestrial Human. In this alchemical marriage between these two elements different in frequencies and substance, we say that there is an integration and harmonization of Divine purpose.

There are no actions that pertain to the human scope that can be done without the help of the corporal body; and, in the same way, there is no repercussion of these actions that will not affect directly or indirectly the field of experience of the Soul. In essence, this integration of substances distinct in degree but uniformed by purpose and intent, deflates the importance of the rationalism[1] illuminist saying of Rene Descartes, “I think, therefore I exist”. We truly believe that Human nature, being physical or transcendent, cannot ever be labeled irresponsibly or to be reduced to a mere physicality of a thought process, because the deep meaning and purpose of this young cosmic race guards much depth and hope in assisting the expansion of the Universe that cannot be grasped by our current levels of understanding.

“There are more things between heaven and earth then dreamed of in your philosophy.”
~Hamlet Act 1, Scene 5

[1] Rationalism, in the broad sense, is the philosophical outlook that stresses the power of a priori reasoning to grasp substantial truths about the world. It is usually opposed to empiricism — the view that experience rather than reason is the source of knowledge. Definition by Sandra LaFave West Valley College

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The Mindful Addict: A Memoir of the Awakening of a Spirit by Tom Catton

The enlightening and worldly journeys of a once hopeless addict whose life was profoundly changed after a chance meeting with a nomadic spiritual healer.

The Mindful Addict is the life story of a once hopeless addict. The story starts out in the mid 60’s and arrives in the present day 21st Century. The reader will travel through the pages of a life on a global and at times supernatural voyage that was transformed through grace. An almost magic quality is found in this true life adventure. Miracles will be obvious as the story unfolds. Readers will identify with the all to normal struggles we all go through, yet in this book we find and see how we can transcend the challenges and find a life that is fulfilling beyond our imagination.

This is not a how to book on the 12 step programs or on Buddhism, but rather a book full of real situations that all people have and will go through. This is not another book on addiction and the nightmares of it; this book takes us beyond that, showing that the seemingly hopeless disease of addiction can be an enlightening dilemma, and for some quite possibly a misunderstood gift, a blessing in disguise.

Tom Catton: Tom Catton has been in long-term recovery for thirty-nine years. His story appears in a twelve-step fellowship text with more than seven million copies in circulation around the world. Tom is invited to speak in the US and internationally several times a year at twelve-step conventions in front of audiences ranging from 500 to 10,000 people. He has been taking twelve-step meetings into the prison system in Hawaii since 1984. He has been active in service positions over the years, including serving on a committee that met for over three years to write a recovery text for a twelve-step fellowship. Tom is on the advisory board of the Buddhist Recovery Network, and is also trained in Tibetan singing bowl therapy. He leads a Buddhist recovery meditation group that meets twice a month in Hawaii.

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Tom Catton – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

True Belonging – Part 1A & B ~ Tara Brach

True Belonging – Part 1A
We all have a longing to belong. When pursued at the egoic level–often through our good-personhood projects–there may be temporary satisfaction but our sense of separation is ultimately reinforced. In contrast, bringing mindfulness and compassion to whatever is arising dissolves the sense of separation and reveals the basic goodness of our own loving presence.

True Belonging – Part 1B

Three Steps to Awakening: A Practice for Bringing Mindfulness to Life ~ Larry Rosenberg, Laura Zimmerman

Pub Date: Dec 3, 2013

A unique three-phase model for meditation practice that ties together elements of the various Buddhist traditions and that is remarkably adaptable to modern life and changing situations.

This book represents the distillation of Larry Rosenberg’s more than forty years of teaching. Drawing on the various Buddhist traditions in which he has practiced, he describes three subtly different but complementary forms of meditation practice:
(1) breath awareness,
(2) breath as anchor, and
(3) choiceless awareness.

Having the three methods in one’s repertoire gives one meditation resources for any life situation. In a time of stress, for example, one might use breath awareness exclusively. Or on an extended retreat, one might find choiceless awareness more appropriate. The three-step method has been taught to Larry’s students at the Cambridge Meditation Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for many years.

After teaching the three-step method, Larry goes on to show how to bring the awareness gained in meditation to the world off the cushion, into relationships and into all areas of daily life.

LARRY ROSENBERG Larry Rosenberg, PhD, is the founder and a guiding teacher at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center. He is also a senior teacher at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts.

A former professor of social psychology at the University of Chicago and Harvard Medical School, Rosenberg went to Brooklyn College and received his doctorate from the University of Chicago. He studied Zen with master Seung Sahn both in the United States and Korea, and spent time in Zen training in Japan before coming to vipassana (insight meditation), which he studied in Thailand and the United States.

Larry Rosenberg is author of Breath by Breath: The Liberating Practice of Insight Meditation and Living in the Light of Death: On the Art of Being Fully Alive.

Cyclical Meritorious – Dispensation from Meteor Showers

The Pluvilis Meteorum Beatis

Great people are meteors designed to burn so that the earth may be lighted. ~Napoloeon Bonaparte
The Nature of Meteor Showers

Meteor showers are events that have provoked human curiosity since the beginning of mankind, and this is evidenced by the many records and stories that make reference to specific meteor showers through time. The earliest record of the Perseids Showers, for example, dates from the year 36 AD, made by Chinese astronomers. The Leonid meteor shower has been more intense in recent centuries, and is responsible for many events which were surprised by the amount of meteors observed.

A Meteor Shower is an event in which a group of meteors are seen radiating from a single point in the cosmos and entering the Earth’s atmosphere at very high speed. As our planet journeys through the infinite ocean of the heavenly skies during its translation movements, its orbit intercepts debris, which become meteors. A meteor shower is usually the result of interactions between a planet like the Earth, and the trail of debris produced by a comet or asteroid. Usually the comet material is detached from its orbit naturally, or when Earth crosses their orbit, its gravitational force attracts these particles into its atmosphere.

Most meteors are generally smaller than grain of sand and therefore almost always disintegrate and do not reach the surface of the planet. Heavy and unusual meteors are also known outbreaks or meteor storms, which are seen at a rate of more than a thousand meteors per hour.

“The rude sea grew civil at her song, And certain stars shot madly from their spheres To hear the sea-maid’s music.” ~William Shakespeare
The orbits of debris are approximately elliptical, with the Sun at one focus. As the distance of the debris from the Sun is in general very large, the curvature is small and the trajectories can be considered approximately parallel.

The fragments are usually entering the atmosphere at high speed and combust, forming the so-called shooting stars or fallen stars. Meteor showers are annual periodic phenomena. The best known are the intense Leonidas and Perseids.

Any planet in the solar system with a reasonably transparent atmosphere can experience a meteor shower. Mars is known to have meteor showers that occur with different intensity and very distinct characteristics as of from Earth.

Cyclical Meritorious Dispensation from Meteor Showers

Esoterically, the meteor showers function as a temporary immersion of very specific energies originating from massive cosmic archetypes, such as the planets, constellations, comets and from inter-planetary regions of the solar system space.

The decoding of these showering elements can be easily found in mankind’s tales and ancient mythology. They are personifications of the original adamantine evolutionary templates and withhold characteristics that facilitate the understanding of our cosmic multidimensionality. These traveling energies, such any other cosmic event, bear influence in our common lives on this planet and influence how we progress as a race; as they represent the opening of windows of opportunities to facilitate the soul growth and soul works, especially from star-seeded souls.

Meteor Showers have a similar effect as the changing phases of the moon, but their influences are broader than the lunar, which concentrate specifically on the frequencies of the emotional field and astral bodies. The shower’s reach a broader spectrum as it can influence and trigger different levels of our subtle bodies systems.

Adamantine Templates

In ancient times, the rehearsal and dramatization of myths and legends were used as instruments for the initiate immersion in some of the intrinsic dynamics of the spiritual and multidimensional realities. Through the experience of these patterns, the seeker was able to expand their circle of reality, fulfilling the prerequisites of understanding and different perspectives that allowed him to capture all the diamond facets of human and trans-human experiences. The olden calendar of initiation also captured the power influence of the meteor showers, which, at the time, were considered temporary dispensations of meritorious grace that originated from the great Constellations of the ancient times.

Nevertheless, we must say that the influence of these showers can be perceived as an attempt to entrain and to merge two dimensions of time into the human template; one tri-dimensional, chronological and finite in nature; and the other, cosmic, transcendent, archetypical, and eternal in nature. One regulates the primary functions of our dualistic reality and the other adjusts the everlasting evolutionary movement of the soul.

These non-local energies stimulate certain aspects of our soul advancement and can greatly improve the internal and expansive spiritual work, through immersion in meritorious dispensations. Each one of these dispensations carries lessons and challenges that integrate new patterns and elements that amplify the reach of our ever-expanding consciousness and awareness.

Meteor Showers are powerful tools that open windows of opportunity for transcendence, as they briefly evoke, through the soaking into inner archetypal experiences, the release of Samaskaric elements of our nature, such as old fears, old belief systems and holographic karmic memories that are no longer valid as a geometric pattern in our stage of reality. Along with the rhythm of the Stellar Codes, the Pluvilis Meteorum Beatis or Meteor Showers Dispensations are valuable tools that can be assimilated and integrated into our energetic template, allowing the shift of perspective through the access of a unique reservoir of experiences that transcends the human spectrum of existence.

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Beyond the Here and Now: Thriving in the Age of Change ~ Lucy O’Hagan

Publication Date: October 2013

Beyond the Here & Now is an account of how we have come to be where we are now, in the modern era. In explaining the things that have not served us well we can uncover how to put them right in order, if we choose, to bring about a way of experiencing this world, and each other, as never before. No need for great blind leaps of faith or trickery, as the book demonstrates, everything we need is already at hand. We must now apply what we inherently know and this book explains how.
Lucy O’Hagan resides in Co. Wicklow, Ireland occupying a senior post with the Health Services Executive. She has traveled extensively expanding her knowledge and practical application of many Eastern philosophical teachings and healing practices. Marrying these experiences with her background and qualifications in Western allopathic medical fields has allowed Lucy to share the resulting wisdoms with others.

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