The Secrets of Wilder – A Story of Inner Silence, Ecstasy and Enlightenment ~ Yogani

What happens when a young Florida champion athlete and his high school sweetheart resolve to do whatever it takes to unravel the mysteries of human spiritual transformation? John Wilder and Devi Duran go on a revolutionary journey of change through heart, mind, body, breath and sexuality. Join them as they uncover The Secrets of Wilder – sacred techniques for cultivating deep Inner Silence, Ecstasy and Enlightenment. Their discoveries are destined to change the world, but at what cost?

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Overview of AYP (1 of 4), Interview with Yogani

January 4, 2009 interview on KKCR Radio, Hawaii, with Dr. Ann West – “Truth From the Source.” Easily accessible practices that everyone can use to cultivate peace, creativity and happiness in everyday life. Overview of free lessons, support community, and results.

Overview of AYP (2 of 4), Interview with Yogani

Overview of AYP (3 of 4), Interview with Yogani

Overview of AYP (4 of 4), Interview with Yogani

Being Human: Inspiration for Balancing Mind Body and Spirit By Tammy Plunkett

As we hurtle through our day, crashing off of one obstacle after another, we rarely find the time even to dream about a life filled with peace and spiritual awareness. And when we do pause—usually from exhaustion—to wonder about those who seem to float along, feeling some sort of “other” connection, how many of us question the ability to do that and live in the real world?

Tammy Plunkett puts this age-old dilemma in crystal-clear perspective when she writes:
“Somebody has to stop meditating long enough to cook dinner.”

We don’t have to move to Tibet and live in a cave to find peace. The choices we make in our everyday lives serve as the bridge between our basic reactive state and our more aware higher selves. Being Human shows how we can use these choices to transform our own lives as well as the world we live in.

Have you ever had the feeling that something is missing? That there must be more to this experience called life? Then Being Human was written for you.

I started my professional life as a as a registered nurse in the cardiac and intensive care units. After twelve years of nursing, I switched gears. I earned my Diploma for Natural Health Consultant from the Alternative Medicine College of Canada in 2003 and my diploma from the Canadian Homeopathy Institute in 2005 then opened my own practice. My focus changed when I was blessed with a growing family, so I took a hiatus from caring for others to raise my four amazing children. But my life long love of learning could not be stifled. I learned the art of creative writing, for which I won an award in 2007. I also enrolled in Athabaska University studying psychology.

I continue to write and am currently working on Being Human: Regaining your freedom through balancing your drives with your higher self.

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Being Human by Tammy Plunkett

My Secret Is Silence: Poetry and sayings of Adyashanti by Adyashanti

In this long-awaited collection, Adyashanti’s heartful, lively poetry is woven together with short teachings and “one-liners” culled from journals, dharma talks, and dialogues with students.

With all the unpredictability of a dancing flame, Adyashanti celebrates life from the vantage of the laughing Buddha and gently invites the mystery to wake up to itself in the heart of the reader.

Throughout the book, Adyashanti illuminates the pathless path to sacred annihilation—the surrender into your own Divine self. Like the mystical love poetry of Rumi and Hafiz, the flame dances wildly, reverently, innocently, and playfully in this collection. This is a wonderful book for anyone who loves getting drunk on the truth or who still imagines they are thirsty and needs a long, sweet sip from the Beloved’s overflowing cup.

49 poems, 172 sayings

Adyashanti – Relationship With Thought, Silence Is What You Are

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