Absence of Doubt: When the Search for Enlightenment Stops by Jill L. Warner (Author)

Absence of Doubt represents break through thinking for anyone seeking the peace that enlightenment promises or more simply for anyone who is looking for a way to put an end to their suffering. It enables the average person to surpass all knowledge to a direct unknowable recognition of the infinite peace, happiness and freedom of enlightenment that was thought to be reserved for only the most holy of holy people.

This book reveals the most radical and direct route to recognizing your own enlightenment and includes a profound conversation with Gangaji, who is recognized the world over as one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time.

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Kosi – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Published on Sep 2, 2013

Kosi is a spiritual teacher and author who offers a simple invitation to stop and discover the freedom that you are.

She is a graduate of Virginia Tech and had a successful career in computer software sales, but was surprised that her financial success offered no lasting happiness or fulfillment and her spiritual search began in 1996.

In June of 2001, after spending time with several world most renowned spiritual teachers and traditions, she reached a point of profound disillusionment and prayed for an enlightened master. Fourteen days later in she was introduced to Gangaji and the life-changing teaching of Ramana Maharshi. Kosi immediately recognized Gangaji as the master she prayed for and with Gangaji’s sublime guidance and support, she realized the freedom of being—indescribable happiness and fulfillment.

Since her very first meeting with Gangaji, Kosi felt that she was her true and final teacher, but this unexpectedly changed with the mysterious appearance of her Holiness Sri Amma Karunamayi who is recognized throughout India and the world as a living saint an Avatar—one who is born enlightened as the embodiment of the Divine Mother. Kosi views the purity of Ramana Maharshi’s silence and self-inquiry combined with Amma’s indescribable omniscience, as well as the continuous and long-term support that she received from Gangaji, as the teaching and transmission that offers true Liberation.

Today, Kosi travels around the world sharing her direct experience of the simplicity and grace of silence and self-inquiry. She also uses the sound of the mantra as very simple and direct catalyst for realizing the freedom of our true nature.
She is the author of Absence of Doubt — When the Search for Enlightenment Stops (Includes and Interview with Gangaji), The Secret Teaching of Jesus Christ, and Arunachala Siva — Heart of Ramana.

This fall she will be introducing two new books; Organic Awakening — A Simple Guide for Living a Free and Happy Life and The Clear Way — Discovering the Great Secret of Your Life.

Websites: wisdomrock.org kosi.co

Interview recorded 8/31/2013

Afterlife: Uncovering the Secrets of Life After Death by Barry Eaton

Barry Eaton always believed in life after death as a young child, but it wasn’t until his partner Judy’s death in 1997 that he started to communicate with “the other side.” A few months after her passing, Judy spoke to Eaton through a medium to inform him that his own abilities, latent for years, would now open up and allow for direct communication between them. Fueled by his passion to speak with Judy, Eaton’s skills as a medium developed. Soon, he was channeling countless spirits who had passed over, enabling him to help shed light on what awaits us in the afterlife.

In his new book, AFTERLIFE: Uncovering the Secrets of Life After Death, Eaton discusses his own contact with the spirit world, his many interviews with people who have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs) as well as what he has learned through his work as a medium, including:

  • His own definition of “death” and how it is not an end but a passage into a new plane of existence.
  • Why some souls enter into different planes of the afterlife and others remain “earthbound.”
  • Reincarnation, including his own personal stories from former lives.
  • How a person’s beliefs affect their perception of the afterlife.
  • Issues of sudden death, such as suicide, car accidents, etc., and how these deaths are welcomed in the afterlife.

AFTERLIFE provides hope, alleviates fear and offers comfort to those who have questions or concerns about the spirit world. With so much uncertainty surrounding life after death, Barry Eaton answers fundamental questions about the afterlife based on his own amazing experiences, and advises readers on how they can best prepare for their own personal journeys.

Barry Eaton, while known primarily in Australia as a radio and TV personality, discovered that the universe had different plans for him. While studying astrology, Barry was led to develop his psychic and clairvoyant skills. He is an intuitive reader, has conducted a meditation and development group in Sydney for over ten years, and currently hosts an internet radio program on RadioOutThere.com.

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Psychic Reporter interviews Psychic Medium Barry Eaton

Published on Aug 22, 2013


Psychic Medium Barry Eaton arrived in the psychic world over two decades ago. After completing an astrology course which touched on tarot reading – Barry found himself being drawn further and further into mediumship. To quote Barry “it was like a duck to water”.

Barry already had a radio profile in talk-back commercial radio and over time introduced more and more topics related to spiritual development, psychic phenomena and psychic readings.

The Seven Paths: Changing One’s Way of Walking in the World by Anasazi Foundation

Discover the Healing Power of the Wilderness

People have moved away from Mother Earth, bringing heartache, pain, and other maladies of the modern age. The “self-help” movement claims to offer peace and fulfillment to individuals, but this solitary approach takes us only so far. Ultimately, it is in communion with our fellow beings and the natural world that we are made whole. We need to leave the path of Me and follow the path of We.

This poetic, evocative story presents the meditations of an ancient Anasazi tribesman who rejects his family and sets off on a journey through the desert. He walks seven paths, each teaching a lesson symbolized by an element of the natural world: light, wind, water, stone, plants, animals, and, finally, the unity of all beings with the Creator. The Seven Paths reveals a source of wisdom, restoration, and renewal familiar to native people but lost to the rest of us, seven elements among nature that combine to mend human hearts.

Founded in 1988 by renowned wilderness pioneers Larry D. Olsen and Ezekiel C. Sanchez (Good Buffalo Eagle), ANASAZI Foundation gives young people an opportunity for growth through a primitive living experience and a philosophy that invites healing at the hands of nature.

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An Excerpt From The Seven Paths: Changing One’s Way of Walking in the World

The Seven Paths of the ANASAZI Way

Recognized internationally for its caring and effective approach, ANASAZI Foundation is a non-profit (501c3) intervention resource that helps to restore and strengthen parent-child relationships.

ANASAZI’s licensed and Joint Commission-accredited, outdoor behavioral healthcare services are ideal for adolescents (13-17) and young adults (18-25) struggling with lack of motivation, defiance, mild mood disorders, drug and alcohol experimentation, entitlement issues, and other self-defeating behaviors. ANASAZI’s offer a 42-day, wilderness-based, residential treatment program and outpatient services rooted in the belief that all young people—regardless of their struggles or at-risk choices—possess an inherent “seed of greatness.” This idea permeates ANASAZI’s philosophy and its evidence-based therapeutic approach, which addresses the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of a child’s life.

To learn more, please visit: http://www.anasazi.org

THE SEVEN PATHS – Book Trailer

Published on Aug 30, 2013

On August 6, 2013 the long awaited Seven Paths book was published. The book was written by The ANASAZI Foundation, published by Berrett-Koelher.
A lyrical, moving parable of the healing wisdom of the wilderness. The Seven Paths supplies what’s missing in traditional notions of self-help: the importance of a connection to a community and to the natural world in achieving inner peace/fulfillment.

Too many people today have taken the wrong path. They walk alone, seeking peace and fulfillment in isolation. Countless well-meaning self-help books preach this gospel, as the name “self-help” implies. But this approach will take us only so far. Ultimately, it is in communion with our fellow beings and the natural world that we are made whole. We need to leave the path of Me and follow the path of We.

This poetic and evocative book, drawing on the personal experiences of Good Buffalo Eagle, presents the meditations of an ancient Native American who rejects his family and community and walks off into the desert. During his journey, he discovers the seven paths of the Anasazi way, each path teaching a lesson symbolized by an element of the natural world: light, wind, water, stone, plants, animals, and finally the unity of all beings with the Creator, the path of We. By walking these paths, he discovers the roots of his conflict and the way toward reconciliation.

For years, this book has been privately distributed by the Anasazi Foundation, an award-winning nonprofit organization whose work with troubled youth in a wilderness setting has been extraordinarily effective. But there is benefit here for all. The Seven Paths gives access to a source of wisdom and renewal familiar to native people but lost to the rest of us. As Good Buffalo Eagle writes in the foreword, this book “presents what might be described as a course in healing—seven elements among nature that combine to heal human hearts.”

The Seven Paths book release GoodBuffaloEagle speaks -2013

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