Body-Mind – temporary modulation of awareness ~ Rupert Spira

Artist and Non-duality Teacher

From an early age Rupert was deeply interested in the nature of Reality. For twenty years he studied the teachings of Ouspensky, Krishnamurti, Rumi, Shankaracharya, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta and Robert Adams, until he met his teacher, Francis Lucille, twelve years ago. Francis introduced Rupert to the teaching of Jean Klein, Parmenides, Wei Wu Wei and Atmananda Krishnamenon and, more importantly, directly indicated to him the true nature of experience.

Rupert’s first book is “The Transparency of Things,” subtitled “Contemplating the Nature of Experience,“. His second book, “Presence Volume I The Art of Peace and Happiness and Presence Volume II The Intimacy of All Experience” has been currently released by Non-Duality Press.

Awareness is the Dreamer ~ Rupert Spira

One Great Year by Tamara Veitch, Rene DeFazio

An epic, thought-provoking tale of reincarnation, love, and the struggle of good against evil

As the world descends from a Golden Age into darkness and brutality, Marcus has been reincarnated an exhausting number of times. Selected to become an Emissary, it is his duty to protect the ancient secrets. His adventure is heightened because he secretly consumes a serum that allows him to have memory from one lifetime to the next. In doing so, he sets himself up for thousands of years of torment, loneliness, and searching.

Desperate to never forget his soulmate, Theron, and never sure if he was truly meant to be an Emissary, Marcus struggles through lifetimes to overcome his cruel and powerful nemesis, Helghul.

Fusing the adventure of Indiana Jones with the introspection and wisdom of Eckhart Tolle, One Great Year takes readers on an epic journey through history, following characters who are born and reborn as they struggle to triumph over evil.

What happens when two passionate writer-artists fall in love and decide to make an uncommon life together? The award-winning novel One Great Year and its forthcoming sequels are just a few of the awesome possibilities!

Born and raised in the Vancouver area, Rene DeFazio is an actor, screenwriter and producer with numerous film and television roles to his credit, as well as countless commercials and print ads. After spending many years backpacking and filming, Rene drew upon an abundance of unusual and exciting experiences to create One Great Year. His tireless research and firsthand knowledge of exotic locations, customs, sights and smells helped to bring this epic story to life.

Tamara Veitch is a writer, artist and mother. She also grew up in the Vancouver area, and attended Simon Fraser University to study English and psychology. Tamara worked as a special education assistant for the Vancouver School Board, and later opened her own mural painting business.

One Great Year took three painstaking years to complete. Within months of its independent release, One Great Year was optioned to become a Hollywood blockbuster film trilogy. Rene and Tamara have also partnered with Greenleaf Book Group for their literary debut and U.S. release, in October 2013.

The authors are currently writing the second and third books in the One Great Year series, filming a documentary, embarking on a book tour, and offering free seminars called POD Parties (Plain ol’ Discussion about monumental topics), where they discuss the ancient history, modern science, and inspirations layered throughout One Great Year.

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One Great Year – Trailer

Published on Jan 7, 2013

“One Great Year is Indiana Jones meets Eckhart Tolle!”
How does the warrior find the heart within him? Marcus is flush with anticipation, as he awaits the coming confrontation. His pulse beats a primal warning. Yet, even in this moment, the pain of being separated from his most beloved, burdens him. Through all the Ages, he searches for her, and his torment is relentless. A battle cry shatters the stillness, and evil feeds on the mounting fear. For Marcus’ Adversary, Helghul, the anticipation of the impending battle is empowering. The beast within the heart of him, feels what it truly means to be man. A lust for war and power rages within Helghul’s blood, consuming him. The hearts of the enemies thunder in unison, connecting them. They are the same. Death whispers in their ears, though they fear it not. Marcus and Helghul both seek the Emissary Theron, but for very different reasons. Who will find her? Their destinies are tied together as they wind their way through history. One Great Year is an epic story of power, lust and love. Does every choice matter? Is fate predetermined? Read it and find out!
One great love, one great adventure…One Great Year!

Sacred Geometry, Ancient Culture and The Golden Age. – Behind the Words of ONE GREAT YEAR


Gritty adventure and ancient wisdom collide in this thirteen thousand year saga of love and hate. As the world descends from a Golden Age into darkness and suffering, Marcus has been reincarnated an exhausting number of times. Selected to become an Emissary, it is his duty to protect the world’s most sacred, long-standing secrets.

When Marcus surreptitiously consumes a serum that allows him to retain his memory from one lifetime to the next, he inadvertently condemns himself to thousands of years of torment, loneliness and searching. Desperate to always remember his soul mate, Theron, and unsure as to whether or not he was ever truly meant to be an Emissary, Marcus’s struggles span lifetimes through ancient Bolivia, Greece, the Mongol Empire and Shambhala, ever remaining vigilantly alert to the danger of his cruel and powerful nemesis, Helghul.


How to Awaken the Zentrepreneur in You by John J. Murphy

4 Steps to Manifest Fearlessness and Peak Productivity in your Work and Relationships

Whatever it is we do, whether we run a household, our own business, or work for a company, there is a “zentrepreneur” within us all- a soul seeking release and a creative idea seeking expression and manifestation. This is the heart and soul of our being – our human being! It is our innate desire to grow, to explore, and to be creative. Zentrepreneurs know this as nirvana, here and now, heaven on earth. We know that we are meant to be free and flow fearlessly. We came to this earth to express ourselves, to interact with one another, to learn, and to make this world a better place. Yet many souls have become trapped – imprisoned by fear and doubt and insecurity. Rather than embrace change and uncertainty with poise and confidence, the timid allow it to hold them back. Indeed, we can be our own enemy. We can get in our own way. The secret to getting past this fear is in tapping our inner zentreprenuer and applying four fundamental steps to inspiration and success – the ring of peace.

The first step to freedom is “Let Be.” Zentrepreneurs know that we cannot change what already exists. We have to accept it – like it or not. We have to learn from it. Why? Because it already is. It happened. This includes people, problems, circumstances, weather, long lines, slow computers, traffic, difficult bosses, and painful losses. There is no value in complaining about it or getting upset. There is no undoing it. There is no wisdom in letting it bring us down. Stress only makes things worse. The Law of Attraction delivers to us manifestations that match our emotional vibration. Complaining, stressing and being anxious only call more into our lives to complain and stress about. How wise is that?

The sage zentrepreneur within us offers us an alternative – the capacity to transcend these emotional temptations. We just have to recognize them when we see them and avoid the trap. Rather than becoming anxious and fearful, we can choose to think differently. We can learn to see what “is” as simply a blessing in disguise, a lesson to be learned. For example, the people who challenge us or annoy us most might be among our greatest teachers. They give us an opportunity to learn patience, wisdom and spiritual presence.

The second step in the Ring of Peace is “Let Go.” Rather than resist what is, we accept it, feel it, examine it, learn from it, and then let it go. Resistance only makes that which we are resisting stronger. Why strengthen the enemy? Push back invites push back. Force meets force. Try dancing with the problem instead. Embrace it and then let it go. Admit there is a problem and then release it. Denial will get you nowhere. Rationalization and defensiveness obstruct flow and attach you to the problem. Learn to let it go. There are many proven techniques to assist with this, including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Meditation, TRE (Trauma and Tension Release Exercises), yoga, tai chi, and healing sounds. Identify and choose a practice that resonates with you – and then practice it! The only obstacle to releasing fears, phobias and limiting beliefs is you!

When we accept what is and learn to let go any emotional distress drawing destructive drama into our lives, we experience step three: “Let See.” This step involves a shift in our perception. We see the world very differently. The people who used to annoy us now appear differently. We feel compassion for them. We recognize their suffering or ignorance. We forgive them “for they know not what they do.” We offer a helping hand. We reach out from a higher place – a higher frequency and vibration – knowing that this is really the only way we can be of any true assistance. Misery may love company, but zentrepreneurs know that this match in frequencies does not solve problems. It compounds them. The only way to really help someone in pain is to help them change the channel and see things differently.

The fourth step in the Ring of Peace often results in experiencing a sense of awe and wonder. When we let be, let go, let see and experience “Let Flow,” it is as if we are living a dream come true. We are “in the zone” as some athletes like to put it. We experience a sense of fearlessness, timelessness and peak productivity. We make ourselves available to a much higher frequency of spiritual energy and we channel this into our work and relationships. We literally light up the room. People feel our presence. They are inspired by our energy – or zenergy! In return, we reap what we sow. By giving unto others, we are given more to give. We become an instrument of peace, a fountain of love, a beacon of light. By emptying our bowl, we receive more. We channel spiritual wisdom, sacred joy and emotional intelligence. This powerful inner peace then reveals itself to the rest of the world as “good ideas” resulting in positive changes. We make the world a better place. Have you awakened the zentrepreneur in you?

A mystic of management and sensei of strategy, John J. Murphy has focused on teaching his corporate clients conscious business practices while improving their bottom lines for the past 30 years (GE, BMW, Target, Kraft, the CIA and currently ADP, to name a few). Murphy has drawn on his diverse experiences as a corporate director, Notre Dame Quarterback, spiritual mystic and management coach to author 15 books, including Sage Leadership and Beyond Doubt. He continues to counsel corporate America, yet with the upcoming release of his latest book, Zentrepreneur(Career Press, Set.23, 2013), he has taken to the streets as a national speaker at expos and seminars across the country to coach the zentrepreneur in all of us. For more information :

Author John J. Murphy

Nature of Self – Gangaji

Gangaji, an internationally renowned teacher and author, is dedicated to the recognition of peace and freedom inherent in the core of all being. She points to the deepest potential of our lifetimes and the greatest discovery in our human experience: our true nature. During our inquiry, Gangaji will share how we can shed unnecessary self-definitions and directly realize our true self.

“You are this light of consciousness that sees all shades of individual consciousness and cosmic consciousness and beyond. You are the intelligence that gives rise to the intellect and recognizes itself as nothingness. You are incomprehensible love.

You are life, you are self. You are in every name and you remain unnamable. You are nature. You are. You are Self.”

Ravi Zacharias | The Gospel in Light of New Spirituality

A RZIM lecture at Trinity International University, Ravi Zacharias talks about the gospel in light of new spirituality.

The Mystical Experience: Insights from Psilocybin Research – Roland Griffiths

Clip from Roland Griffiths presenation at SAND’12, California.

Mystical-type experiences are profound experiences characterized by a sense of the interconnectedness of all people and things, often accompanied by a sense of sacredness, feelings of joy and peace, and a sense of encountering ultimate reality.

Although such experiences have been described by mystics and religious figures throughout the ages, there are few meaningful prospective experimental studies because such experiences usually occur at low rates and often unpredictably. Recent studies at Johns Hopkins showed that, under carefully controlled conditions, psilocybin can occasion profound personally and spiritually meaningful mystical-type experiences in the majority of healthy participants. Analysis showed that mystical-type experiences mediate sustained positive changes in attitudes, moods, personality, and behavior.

With regard to attitudes about Self, volunteers endorsed feeling more personal integration, inner authority, creativity, authenticity, and self-confidence. They also reported an increased sense that all of life is interconnected, and less concern with thoughts and feelings about their bodies. An ongoing study in novice meditators is exploring whether psilocybin-occasioned mystical-type experiences can further enhance the positive persisting effects of meditation and other spiritual practices.

Therapeutic studies are currently investigating psilocybin-facilitated treatment of anxiety and depression in cancer patients and psilocybin-facilitated cigarette smoking cessation using a cognitive-behavioral approach. Further research with psilocybin can be expected to provide unique insights into the biology and psychology of mystical experience, and may hold promise as a paradigm-shifting treatment approach.

Roland Griffiths, Ph.D. is a professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Neurosciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Fullness In Emptiness: From The Quantum Vacuum To The Infinite Self – Menas Kafatos

Clip from Menas Kafatos’ talk at SAND’12, California.

The recent likely discovery of the Higgs boson at CERN, Switzerland, has brought forward questions about the ultimate structure of matter. Quantum field theory assigns the origin of the Higgs and all fields to the quantum vacuum. Far from being empty, the quantum vacuum contains ubiquitous fields, filling all space. These virtual fields, although not appearing in the usual physical sense, they are nevertheless “there” and they are “felt”. In fact, physicists have known for more than fifty years that quantum fields and, ultimately, at the limit of unification of gravity with quantum theory, at the Planck dimension, the “emptiness” of the vacuum overwhelms everything of physical substance in terms of potential energies and huge numbers of particles. Out of the quantum vacuum, not only do particles emanate, because of the uncertainty principle, entire universes can pop out. The discovery may even help us understand why it appears that all the visible matter in the universe makes up only 4% of whatever there is. The rest may be dark matter and even more (repulsive) dark energy. Not only is the vacuum full of stuff, it is full of dark stuff!

The quantum vacuum may even be involved in living and even brain processes. This would not be surprising, if everything physical owes its existence to the vacuum, shouldn’t (those who follow a physicalist view of the cosmos would agree) then even life and consciousness ultimately be tied to the vacuum? It is all in the emptiness.

For us, seeking a non-dualist paradigm, these statements about the quantum vacuum, point to something else that is vast, empty, beyond thoughts, while at the same time being the source of all thoughts, all object awareness, blissful awareness in Being, manifesting throughout the universe. With the progress brought about through the development of quantum theory, the act of observation has taken a central role: No quantum properties exist without the act of observation. Our universe is a participatory one, it would not exist without observations. Besides following what science and mathematics imply, direct experience is most important. Beyond thoughts, the emptiness of the Self, in analogy to the quantum vacuum, contains everything. Let’s explore these possibilities and realities together.

The notion of self and other teachings by Puppetji

Published on Mar 8, 2013

Master Puppetji speaks to all. His insightful and useless “Socksangs” are light-hearted reminders that help us open our eyes to a new way of SEEING. A master at squashing illusion with Wizdumb, humor and meaningless insights, Puppetji cuts through the spiritual mumbo-jumbo and gets right to The Truth: According to Puppetji. Considered to be one of our last great enlightened masters, Puppetji selflessly delivers his meaningless words of Wizdumb to anyone who will listen and even those who don’t. Puppetji’s message is simple: “You take life too seriously…Enlighten-up”.

The Nature of Perception – Rupert Spira [Updated Sept 08, 2013]

Rupert Spira’s talk at SAND13 Europe

I Have No Name or Form, But Appear as All Names and Forms

Thought imagines that I, the light of pure Knowing, share the limits and the destiny of the body and mind and, as a result, I seem to become a limited, temporary self. All that is required is to distinguish Myself from the body and mind. It is as simple as distinguishing between a screen and a movie. If a movie is considered to be real in its own right, independent of the screen, there is a distinction to be made between the two. Likewise, if the body and mind are considered to be real in their own right, there is a distinction to be made between Myself and them.

However, having discovered Me, pure Knowing, as the ever-present and limitless reality ‘behind’ all changing appearances of the body, mind and world, these appearances themselves can be revisited and discovered to have no real, independently existing reality of their own, just as there is no actual ‘thing’ called an image, independent of the screen. ‘Image’ is simply a temporary name and form of the screen, which is their true reality. The apparently limited body, mind and world are temporary names and forms of My ever-present, unlimited reality.

In other words, having discovered Me as the ever-present and unlimited background of all experience, I am now revealed as its very substance or reality. I, pure Knowing, am not just independent of the body, mind and world, I am intimately one with them; not just transcendent, but immanent. I am not just freedom; I am love.

And now, having discovered Me as the sole reality of all experience, it is no longer necessary or even possible to name Me, for there is nothing left with which to compare Me. As such, I have no name or form but appear as all names and forms.

The Nature of Perception

“There is no separate, inside self and no separate outside object, other or world. Rather, there is one seamless, intimate totality, always changing when viewed from the perspective of objects, never changing when viewed from the perspective of the totality.”
~ Rupert Spira

Perception underpins all human behavior and helps interpret sensory information to make sense from the senseless. The brain, to create meaning where there is possibly none, processes perception from the unperceived and thought from the unthinkable. The process of perception is in fact one of creation. What we perceive is not what is out there or within. There is no inherent value in the incredibly complex patterns of light that fall onto our eyes, and yet we see coherent forms and motions that enable us to survive. Exploring the nature of perception can help us glimpse life beyond experiencer and experience, perceiver and perception.

Video by: Zaya and Maurizio Benazzo
Music by: Olive Musique

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