You Are God. Get Over It! ~ Story Waters

This book has now been re-released as an expanded second edition through Amazon Kindle. Please note you do not need a Kindle device to read this book as there are free software readers for all computers, tablets, and phones.

Story Waters is a modern day mystic/channeler, who differs from many spiritual teachers in the degree to which he seeks to be a fully embodied example of an integrated being. He does not therefore conform to the stereotypes of traditional spiritual teachers who often repress or hide their own humanity in order to reassure their audience of their ‘spiritual credentials’. It is this spanning of the most embodied energies to the heights of the human bridging consciousness (often called the Christ Consciousness) that makes his work so potent and cutting edge.

Story was born in Brighton, England in 1972 where he currently resides. He is a spiritual author seeking to empower people to experience the light within their own being. Through his writing he empowers people to connect with, trust in, and follow their own spirit above any external person, organization, religion, or dogma. He inspires people to develop their own inner voice and to love and completely accept their own being without limitation.

In June 2012 Story launched to begin the transition of his work to the open ‘Pay What Your Heart Chooses’ system.

Websites: and http://www.limitles


Bridge One of The Bridge of Consciousness created by Story Waters / SunSon

Visit to walk the Bridge of Consciousness, a step by step series of recordings for those wanting to awaken to their spiritual existence


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