The Four Virtues : Presence, Heart, Wisdom, Creation by Tobin Hart

Pub Date Feb 4 2014

Find meaning, wholeness, and spiritual depth with this field guide to the inner life that explores and integrates four essential virtues: Presence, Heart, Wisdom, and Creation.

Most of us are hungry for a life of meaning, connection, and fulfillment, but in the midst of today’s demands and pressures, a deeper life doesn’t come automatically. We must increasingly focus on certain virtues—four universal principles needed to foster wholeness and meaningful purpose in humanity.

Drawing from decades of research across the wisdom traditions, neuroscience, psychology, poetry, physics, religion, the arts, and literature, The Four Virtues provides a field guide for developing your deepest self. The Spiritual Assessment Matrix of targeted quizzes shows you where you are in relation to the virtues of Presence, Heart, Wisdom, and Creation, and expert practices and tools help you “activate” them in your life. In addition, internationally respected author, professor, and psychologist Tobin Hart speaks directly to anyone—whether religious or secular—looking to live by a contemporary set of ethics to frame their self-development and happiness.

Highly accessible, thought provoking, and interactive, The Four Virtues provides a groundbreaking way to engage and flourish in life.

Tobin Hart, PhD, is a father, professor, psychologist, speaker, and author of The Secret Spiritual World of Children. He has spent more than thirty years as a researcher and ally helping students, clients, and patients integrate their psychological and spiritual lives. He serves as professor of psychology at the University of West Georgia, as well as co-founder and president of the Child Spirit Institute, a nonprofit educational and research hub exploring the spirituality of children and adults. He is sought out as an expert resource and keynote on children, spirituality, psychology, and education. He serves on various advisory boards, think-tanks, and organizations.

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