Secrets of Aboriginal Healing: A Physicist’s Journey with a Remote Australian Tribe by Gary Holz (Author) , Robbie Holz (Author)

A guide to the 60,000-year-old healing system of the Aborigines revealed through one man’s journey to overcome multiple sclerosis

• Written at the request of the Aboriginal people the author stayed with

• Explores the use of dreamtime, spirit guides, and telepathy to discover and reprogram the subconscious motivations, thought patterns, and beliefs behind illness

• Reveals how to tap in to healing support through the body/mind/spirit connection

• Nautilus Silver Medal Winner and ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Finalist

In 1983 award-winning physicist Gary Holz was diagnosed with chronic progressive multiple sclerosis. By 1988 he was a quadriplegic. Then, in 1994, his doctors told him he had two years to live. Desperate and depressed, he followed a synchronistic suggestion and went to Australia to live with a remote Aboriginal tribe. Arriving in a wheelchair, alone, with almost no feeling left from the neck down, Holz embarked on a remarkable healing transformation of body, mind, and spirit and discovered his own gift for healing others.

Written at the request of the Aboriginal healers Holz worked with, this book reveals the beliefs and principles of the 60,000-year-old healing system of the Aborigines of Australia, the world’s oldest continuous culture. Chronicling the step-by-step process that led to his miraculous recovery, he explains the role played by thought in the creation of health or disease and details the five essential steps in the Aboriginal healing process. He explores the use of dreamtime, spirit guides, and telepathy to discover and reprogram the subconscious motivations behind illness–a process that enacts healing at the cellular and the soul level, where the root of physical illness is found.

Supported by modern science, including quantum physics, Aboriginal medicine enables each of us to tap in to healing support through the power of the body/mind/spirit connection. –

Robbie Holz is an international speaker, award-winning author and holistic wellness consultant. Born in 1954, she was raised in the Midwest. Her 23-year career as a court stenographer ended when she became disabled from a reaction to treatment for Hepatitis C. While in her quest to regain her health, she met Dr. Gary Holz, a PsychoNeuroImmunologist and physicist. Robbie later married Gary and they co-wrote “Secrets of Aboriginal Healing.”

Like her co-author Gary Holz, Robbie has had firsthand experiences with Outback Aborigines. She used the aboriginal healing principles to heal herself of Hepatitis C, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Robbie teaches this ancient healing wisdom through her speaking engagements, consultations, online course and website. She has presented at various locations including Australia, Canada and across the U.S. Robbie lives in the the Seattle area where she is writing the sequel to “Secrets of Aboriginal.”

Gary Holz, D.Sc. (1950-2007), was an award-winning physicist and a psycho-neuro-immunologist. In 1994, confined to a wheelchair with multiple sclerosis, he went to Australia to stay with an Aboriginal tribe and experienced miraculous healing. Robbie Holz is a holistic health consultant dedicated to continuing the healing work of her late husband. She healed herself of hepatitis C and has also worked with Aboriginal healers in Australia. She lives near Seattle.

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To Walk a Pagan Path: Practical Spirituality for Every Day by Alaric Albertsson

Inspiration and Ideas for a Holistic Pagan Lifestyle

Live fully as a Pagan every day of the year, not only on full moons and holidays. With practical tips for integrating earth-centered spirituality into every aspect of life, To Walk a Pagan Path shows you how to:

• Cultivate a meaningful Pagan practice by following seven simple steps.

• Develop a sacred calendar customized for your beliefs, lifestyle, and environment.

• Make daily activities sacred with quick and easy rituals.

• Reclaim your place in the food cycle by producing a portion of your own food—even if you live in an apartment!

• Express Pagan spirituality through a variety of craft projects: candles, scrying mirrors, solar wreaths, recipes, and more.

• Create sacred relationships with animal familiars.

Alaric Albertsson (Pennsylvania) is a founding member of Earendel Hearth, an Anglo-Saxon inhíred, and served as vice president and was on the Board of Directors of the Heartland Spiritual Alliance. He is currently a member of the Druidic organization Ár nDraíocht Féin and serves as the Anglo-Saxon Vice Chieftain for the ADF Germanic kin, Eldr ok Iss.

Albertsson first embraced polytheism in the summer of 1971. At this time he had the opportunity to talk with rural people in the Ozark Mountains about traditional moon lore, weather lore and folk beliefs and was strongly influenced by spiritist traditions. Over the past four decades, Albertsson’s personal spiritual practice has developed as a synthesis of Anglo-Saxon tradition, country folklore, herbal studies and rune lore.

To Walk a Pagan Path

To Walk a Pagan Path: Practical Spirituality for Every Day. By Alaric Albertsson. Live fully as a Pagan every day of the year

Full Moon in Pisces by Sam Geppi

This full moon gives a connection to spiritual truths and higher realities. However, we must be careful not to “tune out” the stresses of the world or try to escape from the unpleasant tasks of life (opposite sign of Virgo).


Venus/Saturn/Rahu in Libra
There is a very tight conjunction between Venus/Saturn and Rahu in Libra. This is bringing quite a lot of relationship pressure, not necessarily in a bad way. Saturn and Venus are in very good dignity, showing the willingness to work on your connections with others. But it may also be a highly sexualized placement, especially with the added aspect of Mars and Jupiter.

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