1. Awareness Cannot Know Fear 2. The Absolute Certainty Of Awareness ~ Rupert Spira

The Absolute Certainty Of Awareness

My Love is Alive The Living Keys to The Kingdom By Rev Dempsey Harshaw

My Love Is Alive is a love story of Consciousness to Itself. It portrays the Idea of Consciousness for the sole purpose of illuminating Consciousness to its Self. Imagine your shadow on the ground in front of you. Who you really are, Infinite Consciousness, is the One watching the shadow. My Love Is Alive is the process of accepting, embracing, and living this reality in and as your life. The result is an outpouring of love for yourself and your experience.

The ideas circle in a repetitive dance of discovery as the concepts sink deeper and deeper into the reader’s understanding. There is a powerful and undeniable message of life that has never been so fully unveiled. Using Biblical references, the author repeatedly demonstrates the true nature of our essence.
The text is thought provoking at the least, and utterly transformative in its fullest meaning. My Love Is Alive is a doorway only you can walk through. You will transition from the experience of believing that you are one of many individuals that make up the whole, to embracing the experience that you truly are “The One.” Allow yourself to go through this process of My Love Is Alive with expectancy!

Rev. Dempsey has allowed himself to be the experiment of his experience. He decided to throw away all the spiritual and Biblical teachings that he was so well versed in. This means that everything he has ever been taught or believed has been set aside to allow a visceral embrace of every moment. He planted the seed of resolve that whatever was real he wanted to hear it from within This has allowed him to listen past the storyline of appearing circumstances and tune into his Infinite inner voice from within.
That which he writes and speaks of is not from a place of reasoning as the human mind and intellect, but a knowing through inspired revelation. This place of knowing is the embrace and recognition that I AM the source, I AM the One and all are this One I AM.

Rev Dempsey Harshaw, author of FREE to FLY: it is your Reality, My LOVE is ALIVE.
For 30 years I have experienced a wide range of spiritual teachings, both institutional and non-traditional. I have come from traditional biblical training to small religious sects of belief, some eastern philosophy, to Metaphysical and Science of Mind. I have a wide range of experiences and have been ordained by some of my new age teachers with the Universal Brotherhood.

I have sought out and applied what I know to be True and Real. I have allowed myself to be the living human experiment for what is real. I understand that Words of “truth” become simple idioms and those words and concepts like Enlightenment and Consciousness are cache phrases that get lost in their overuse. Living your life fully is to be able to totally and completely love, accept, and experience ALL OF YOU AND WHO YOU ARE. This in reality, is living life totally free as your unlimited experience. Knowing as rare as it is to say that; nothing is impossible, some things are, in reality. Just one of them is that it is absolutely impossible to feel, experience, and know anything of your world that is not you and your Consciousness. This is the vantage point that life must be lived from if one wishes to live to its fullest and in your joy. I am everything that I have been looking for and so are you.

As Gandhi did with a nation and a people, FREE to FLY offers you an unfolding discovery of your full and absolute ownership of your world. From a Biblical view point, there is a discovering of why responsibility and its consequences were created. That there is nothing to resist because all is actually an illusion; nothing is real but you the believer-Consciousness.

Living the Season: Zen Practice for Transformative Times by Ji Hyang Padma

As the Rig Vedas and Buddhist sutras foretell, as well as the Hopi and Mayan calendars, we are in the midst of complete transformation—ecologically, economically, politically, culturally. This graceful introduction offers creative safe passage through the sometimes overwhelming transition, drawing on ancient and contemporary spiritual practices particularly useful for these times. The endings we experience are always the beginning of something else. Hence author Ji Hyang Padma organizes teachings around the four seasons. In living connected to natural rhythms—the stillness of winter, the renewal of spring, the ripening of summer, the harvest of autumn—we touch a wholeness that is the source of healing and happiness. Practical exercises at the end of each chapter promote this state of being and bring the mind home to its innate clarity. Ideally suited to anyone experiencing personal change—through career, relationships, or world events—the book provides a way into Zen for beginners as well as a refresher for the more advanced.

Ji Hyang Padma combines an academic career as Director of Spirituality and Education Programs at Wellesley College with her role as a Zen teacher. Ji Hyang has done intensive Zen training and teaching in Asia and North America for 20 years, 15 of these as an ordained nun. She has completed several 90-day intensive retreats in Korea and North America. She also teaches Zen workshops annually at Omega Institute and Esalen Institute. While her practice has been situated within the Korean Zen tradition, she has had the benefit of studying with teachers across a wide spectrum of Buddhist lineages.

Ji Hyang has also served as Director and Abbot of Cambridge Zen Center, one of the largest Zen Centers in the country. Additionally, she has served as a meditation teacher at Wellesley College, Harvard University and Boston University. She is gifted at finding an entry-point into practice for people who are just beginning their journey.

Ji Hyang’s recent writing has been published in Our Neighbor’s Faith: Stories of Interfaith Encounters and Arts of Contemplative Care: Pioneering Voices in Buddhist Chaplaincy and Pastoral Work.

Living the Season

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