Vedic Astrology October 2013 ~ Sam Geppi

“October 2013 should be very interesting, with a lunar eclipse in Aries, underscoring large themes of self-reliance, confidence and discipline.”

We should expect several weeks of romantic intensity and passion as Venus enters Scorpio October 2, and will stay there until October 29.

A new cycle of organization and precision begins with the new Moon in Virgo on October 4. Virgo is the sign where we organize our internal world, then emulate that externally. This is a good time for housecleaning, and general purification. However, be careful of excessive fussiness and nitpicking.

This New Moon happens in the Nakshatra of Hasta, symbolized by an open hand. This denotes both attachment and detachment at the same time. Put attention toward what you want to manifest, but then accept the results of those actions.

We will feel a surge of confidence and aggression, until the end of November, as Mars enters Leo on October 5. Now is a time to “fight the good fight”, and defend your principles. This renewed discipline is a welcome change, as Mars has been debilitated in Cancer since August – and we may have slid on our principles.

We should expect to feel some emotional heaviness and relationship intensity as the Moon joins Saturn and Rahu in Libra 0n October 6 and 7. There will also be an aspect from Jupiter, bringing grace and wisdom. But you may feel like being alone, or have that feeling of loneliness even with your partner. This feeling is your soul crying for wholeness. Sit with it, rather than project it onto others.

Optimism, hope and a higher purpose will be important themes as the Moon passes through Sagittarius, and is aspected by Jupiter and Saturn October 10 and 11. You may notice where your actions are not congruent with your principles and philosophies. Now is the time to walk the talk.

Your social duties and obligations will become important as the moon passes through Aquarius October 14 and 15. The moon is aspected by Jupiter and opposed by Mars also at this time. Be careful arguing over your principles, instead try to rally your adversaries around a common, uplifting theme.

Our physical, personal vitality may feel low for the next 30 days as the Sun enters Libra on October 16. A greater humility is possible now as personal confidence turns to compromise, especially considering the sun will be joined Saturn and the North node. The give-and-take of compromise and self-will is an important theme now.

Asserting and letting go of our personal will is a big theme with the Full moon in Aries joined Ketu on October 18. This full moon is also a lunar eclipse, which shows these “self interested / self motivation” themes will be pervasive for months. Expect some confusing, childhood frustrations to also rear their head now.

This full moon/eclipse happens in the Nakshatra of Ashwini, a Nakshatra related to metaphysical healing and swift action. There is enormous courage and mental innocence flowing now. These can be a catalyst for positive change and spiritual self-reliance.

Connection to loved ones and family are important when the Moon occupies Taurus October 21 and 22nd. The moon is aspected by Venus at this time, bringing much creativity and connection. The moon is exalted here, but you may feel a lot of attachment to your personal pleasure, values and concepts.

Testing your beliefs will be important October 24 and 25th when the moon joins Jupiter and Gemini. Closing the gap between what you truly comprehend (based on your experience), and what you believe (based on what inspires you) will be important now. This process is important if our beliefs are going to truly transform our life.

Expect a lot of emotional passion and enthusiasm on October 29 and 30th when the moon occupies Leo, and joins Mars. This is a time of emotional courage and self-expression, but it can also bring about aggression and arguing. Emotional courage, Not emotional neediness is the key here.

Path of the Sacred Pipe: Journey of Love, Power, and Healing by Jay Cleve

In these days of global crisis, thoughtful seekers increasingly turn to Native Americans for healing wisdom. The Sacred Pipe is the medicine, says Jay Cleve in this informative and practical guide to a key practice of Native American spirituality. The Hopi and other ancient cultures predicted our present age as one of transition into a New World.

The galactic alignment ending the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012 occurs only every 26,000 years and is thought to be a critical time for raising consciousness to align with the radical expansion of Earth energies. Cleve shows how the Pipe can facilitate transformation on both the personal and planetary levels. He explains its use in rituals such as the sweat lodge, the vision quest, and the sun dance and in relation to the Medicine Wheel. He also provides practical information on obtaining and caring for a Pipe and on preparing for and performing the Pipe ceremony.

Jay Cleve minored in philosophy and theology as an undergraduate and holds a B.A. in Psychology, an M.A. in Clinical Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. He has served as director of the Community Mental Health Center in Stevens Point, Wis. for the past 17 years and continues to attend and give workshops on holistic approaches to Psychology.

Click here to take a look inside.

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