Light the Flame : 365 Days of Prayer ~ Andrew Harvey

Pub Date Nov 11 2013

The act of prayer has been recognized—by sages and skeptics alike—as a powerful way to enact positive physical, spiritual, and emotional change. Prayer has the power to take us beyond the rational mind, opening our hearts and engaging our souls. It brings us peace and health. Its aim is to uplift our spirits and bring us closer to the divine. In Light the Flame, teacher and poet Andrew Harvey has gathered the 365 prayers that have most influenced his life, offering us a daily reminder of the sacred. Drawing insights from around the world, across religions, and an array of disciplines, Harvey provides inspiration from great spiritual minds like Rumi and Thomas Merton, activists like César Chávez and Mother Teresa, and philosophers like Nietzsche and Voltaire—plus he includes some of his own works. With themes that range from love and loss to unity and transformation, this luminous bo ok will capture your imagination and nourish your soul.

Andrew Harvey is an internationally acclaimed poet, novel­ist, translator, mystical scholar and spiritual teacher. He has written and edited more than 30 books, and has taught at Oxford University, Cornell University, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, The California Institute of Integral Studies, and the University of Creation Spirituality as well as at various spiritual centres throughout the United States. He is the founder and director of the Institute of Sacred Activism.

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Adyashanti – Waking Up All the Way

In this comprehensive and compelling talk, Adyashanti conveys what it means to wake up at all levels—in the mind, heart, and gut. First, he points to the spacious emptiness discovered when we faithfully enter the inner solitude beyond our conditioned thinking and self-identification. He then explores what it means to experience the intimacy of oneness with a trusting and sensitive heart. Finally, he describes the irrational clench of “no” in the gut, and diving so deeply into it that we connect with the instinct of “yes” to everything, the calling to completely return to God.

Topics Include:

Bringing Your Creativity to Spirituality
The Emptiness Beyond Conceptual Mind
Trusting Inner Solitude
Perceiving from the Heart
Extreme Intimacy
Fearing the Infinite
The Deepest Calling of “Yes”

Quotes from this DVD:

“No matter what form of spirituality we are engaged in, the most important thing is what we give to it.”

“To listen deeply is itself an act of faith.”

“The more the self drops away, the more room there is for the sacred to come in.”

“The heart is where we discover what trust really is.”

1. Identification is for Thought not for Awareness 2. The i story 3. Time and Death ~ Rupert Spira

Published on Oct 10, 2013

rupert spira ~ the i story

Time and Death

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