Solar Eclipse in Libra November 3, 2013 ~ Sam Geppi

Solar Eclipse in Libra November 3, 2013

The Solar eclipse bring together the Sun, Moon and earth in a 3 D plane – when the Moon blocks the light of the Sun for a few hours. Body (Earth) and spirit (Sun) will be eclipsed by mind (Moon) on Sunday – November 3, 2013

Libra / Relationship Axis
All relations with others are being deeply re-worked now. Not just romantic, but all social and cultural relationships are being re-defined. Issues of respect are important.
There are 5 Planets in Swati Nakshatra at the time of this eclipse, Sun, Moon, Saturn, Rahu and Retrograde Mercury are all in Swati. This Nakshatra is related to Vayu, Air and prana. A new connection to the life force is possible now. deep breathing and pranayama could lead to great insight now.

Jupiter Aspect
Jupiter is aspecting from Gemini, another Air sign, showing a connection to ideas and testing our philosophies. There is a great need to communicate and give voice to our beliefs now.

Rahu Eclipse
This Solar eclipse is happening with the Sun joined the North Node. Showing a new and revolutionary connection to relationship power is being activated. New social structures being worked through and secrets are being revealed. The US Spy-gate is a great example of this on a large scale.

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