Jupiter Retrograde — Mercury Direct ~ Sam Geppi

Jupiter has been in Gemini since June. Jupiter turned retrograde recently and will stay retrograde until March 2014. This will be a time when we need to reflect on our teachings and how to best understand and explain them. We see these themes playing out internally as well as on the world stage as we grapple with redefining belief, religion and how they fits into our modern culture. Adjusting to subtleties around sexuality, gender rights, scientific advancements are all at play now.

Francis — The People’s Pope
In unprecedented fashion, Francis was appointed pope just a few months before Jupiter entered Gemini. He is definitely a man who, who redefines the Papacy in many ways. First of all he is from Argentina!,.. and he has been quite progressive, relative to what he can do.

For example, there was recent photo of Pope embracing a disfigured man. This more hands on approach is seen as a welcome change to the stuffy old men in robes looking down on us all.

He also recently sent out a survey to parishes around the world. The questions on the survey include:

“What pastoral attention can be given to people who live in these types of [same-sex] unions?”

“In the case of unions of persons of the same sex who have adopted children, what can be done pastorally in light of transmitting the faith?”

“Do [the divorced and remarried] feel marginalized or suffer from the impossibility of receiving the sacraments?”

“In cases where non-practicing Catholics or declared non-believers request the celebration of marriage, describe how this pastoral challenge is dealt with.”

There are many Jupiter and Gemini themes involved here. Jupiter has to do with teachers and teachings, hope and guiding principles. Gemini has to do with couples (called “Maithuna” in Sanskrit, the word for sex), and it is also about equality and fairness. Gemini is also about adopting children, as (according to myth) Mercury was born as the illegitimate offspring of Jupiter’s wife and the Moon.

The problem of Jupiter is it can be where we are too haughty at times. Instead of dealing with the people whom we disagree with, we may just politely dismiss them as “just not getting it”. Bypassing the important process of hearing them and perhaps adjusting / accommodating their view.

The Jupiter in Gemini transit in general will push our comfort zones a bit, extending us. If we are open, there can be enormous growth. Pope Francis, the progressive Pope, is a great example of Jupiter in Gemini. He seems like a man trying to fit Spiritual teachings into a framework that includes all varieties of expression.

We can all take a lesson from this and try to listen to the views of others, however radical they may seems to us.

Awakening: A Paradigm Shift of the Heart ~ Rodney Smith

Pub Date Mar 11 2014

An amazingly succinct and accessible answer to the question “What is enlightenment?”–from one of America’s most prominent teachers of Insight Meditation.

One of today’s most highly regarded Insight Meditation teachers describes the process of enlightenment in a way anyone can understand–demonstrating in clear language why we operate with the illusion of separation, how we can move out of it to the realization of emptiness and no-self, and how we can live from that state of awakening. He provides brief, powerful exercises that enable us to challenge the reality of our thoughts in order free ourselves from the illusion they keep us bound to, all the while steering us away from the temptation to regard spiritual practice as a process of self-improvement or a goal to be obtained.
RODNEY SMITH spent eight years in Buddhist monastic settings, both at the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) in Massachusetts and during several years as a Buddhist monk in Asia. He ordained with Mahasi Sayadaw in Burma, then practiced for three years with Ajahn Buddhadassa in Thailand. He disrobed as a monk in 1983 and, after returning to the West, started working in hospice care and teaching Vipassana throughout the United States.

Rodney has devoted much of his energy to serving the dying—both in direct service positions and, until 2000, within hospice management. Since then Rodney has been a full-time dharma teacher conducting meditation classes and retreats and offering spiritual consultations. He serves as a guiding teacher for IMS and is the founding and guiding teacher for the Seattle Insight Meditation Society. He is author of the books Lessons from the Dying and Stepping Out of Self-Deception. His teaching emphasis is on awakening within the forms of daily lives.
The overall arching theme of the spiritual journey is the movement out of form into the formless. Click here to listen to Rodney Smith’s talk on “From Form To Formless

and HERE on “Arriving In The Here And Now” To arrive in the here and now means to acknowledge the truth of the present moment where we find ourselves. Most of us have found ways to avoid the present, so as to avoid facing difficulties. This talk identifies strategies we use to keep from arriving and explains how living with integrity will allow us to arrive more easily.

The Council of Light: Divine Transmissions for Manifesting the Deepest Desires of the Soul by Danielle Rama Hoffman

Galactic teachings and practices to raise your vibrational energy and create a life of joy, abundance, and ease

* Provides direct transmissions of spiritual technology from the Council of Light to activate the 11 Rays of Light

* Reveals that by shifting your consciousness and raising your inner vibration, you can change your daily life experience and manifest the life you want

* Includes guided journeys and exercises to manifest health, wealth, happiness, and purpose and to form a direct connection with the Council of Light

Through her advanced spiritual work with Thoth, Danielle Rama Hoffman was introduced to the Council of Light–an intergalactic group of thousands of light beings from across the Multiverse. Their purpose is to support individuals as they shift into Unity Consciousness and return to their natural state of joy. The Council transmitted the teachings in this book for those seeking to accelerate their journey toward health, wealth, happiness, and their soul’s deepest desires.

The Council’s teachings reveal that by shifting your consciousness and raising your inner vibration, you can change your daily life experience and manifest the life you want. These direct transmissions of spiritual technology from the Council include activations for the 11 Rays of Light, guided journeys and meditations, and written, spoken, energetic, and breath work exercises to creatively turn your debt into wealth, transfigure your food into light for better health and well-being, enhance your abilities for inter-dimensional travel, and return to your natural inner state of joy. The Council explains how each Ray of Light has a specific vibration and application and can assist in removing any blocks to achieving your soul’s purpose. The Emerald Ray, for example, activates the signature energy of your authentic and full self, and the Venus Ray, the Ray of Opulence, supports alignment with abundance and prosperity.

Offering an opportunity to form a direct connection with the Council of Light, this book provides practical tools to move from a life of worry, debt, exhaustion, and isolation to one of joy, abundance, purpose, ease, and connectedness, with a team of Divine supporters to assist you along the way.

Danielle Rama Hoffman is a divine transmitter and scribe of ancient and innovative wisdoms for the purpose of elevating consciousness and inspiring personal growth. She is a leader in the shift into unity consciousness, living from joy, purpose and prosperity as divine creator beings.

Danielle supports spirit centered light-workers, visionaries, coaches and personal growth enthusiasts to access their inner divinity so they can confidently share their purpose and unique contribution prosperously (unencumbered by fear, shame or doubt) and manifest the life they desire. She is the award winning author of The Council of Light and The Temples of Light. She is the creator of bestselling, life changing divinely guided programs such as Divine Birthright Activation, the Prosperous Soul and Thoth’s Magic Academy. She leads tours to Egypt and offers private retreats in Southern France. Find out more about Danielle and Divine Transmissions inc. at http://www.divinetransmissions.com.

Click here to browse inside.

Divine Transmissions


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