Ashok Gangadean: Ego Mind vs. Global Mind

Author and professor of philosophy Ashok Gangadean suggests that there is an emerging global wisdom arising from a synthesis of Eastern and Western traditions.
In his audio course Awakening the Global Mind, Ashok shows how we can use the power of language to rewrite our own linguistic operating system with a new spiritual grammar, helping us move from “ego-mental” thinking to the universal consciousness he calls Logos. As Sounds True producer Mitchell Clute says, “Ashok’s cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary approach combines a philosopher’s mind with a mystic’s soul.” In this selection, Ashok explores how we can begin to move into an integrated, unified view of life.

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Full Moon in Taurus vedic Astrology ~ Sam Geppi

Full Moon in Taurus in Vedic Astrology

The Moon will be full in Taurus over the weekend, becoming completely full (1st tithi) Sunday morning at approx 9:45AM Eastern Time

Full Moon in Taurus in Vedic Astrology

The full moon will oppose the Sun in Scorpio, where our deeper fears and insecurities are being illuminated now, and for the next 30 days. This full moon also officially closes the door behind the last eclipse cycle. We should start to see some of the big issues from the last eclipse cycle start to normalize now.

Exalted Full Moon in Kritikka Nakshatra

The Pleiades Star Cluster

The moon is exalted in Taurus from 0-3 degrees in the Nakshatra of Kritikka, ruled by the God Agni – Sacred fire. The qualities of Taurus (fixed Earth) supports the Moon and stabilizes the heart and emotions. The first degrees of Taurus are ruled by tHe God Agni, the sacred fire, which burns the seeds of Karma in our mind.

Past Karma only penetrates to the level of thought. Future karma (based on present actions) can be purified if we have proper discrimination. This Nakshatra evokes all of these themes.

Astronomically this Nakshatra is the Pleiades star cluster, also called the little dipper sometimes. Referred to as the wives of the Rishis, the great sages. The six wives are said to be the mother of Agni in the form of Kartikeyya the son of Shiva, also known as Mars or Skanda, the War god.

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