Sacred Journey of the Heart – Official Trailer

A journey of a thousand miles… starts with one step. I am grateful to have started this journey, as director of a film, started as a one-man production company effort that evolved into the hearts of others, who keep it alive and have joined together with passion, talents and skills … that few could imagine what it might become. It is in the final editing stages, and gratitude goes to Ronna Prince and Dr Donald Blackstrom and especially to Scott Cervine, who picked up the ball and carried it to the finish-line with determination and amazing talent.

Sacred Journey of the Heart – co-producer, Ronna Prince

Led by inspirational teacher and intuitive counselor Ronna Prince, this heart journey will take you to the depths and the heavens, to the past and into the future with hope and deep understanding of how we are in the midst of creating the biggest shift of consciousness of all times in the PRESENT: Heart-based living.

1. God in Relation to the Non Dual Understanding 2. Just Be Pure Knowing ~ Rupert Spira

God in Relation to the Non Dual Understanding

Just Be Pure Knowing

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