TALKING TO EXTRATERRESTRIALS : Transforming Our World with the Help of Enlightened Beings ~ Lisette Larkins

Join a group of enlightened extraterrestrials, who extend an invitation through their contactee, Lisette Larkins. They tell us that they are here now and offer to help us along the way as we gently shift toward a peaceful future.

The first edition of Talking to Extraterrestrials was first published in 2002. Since that time the author has had repeated contact with these ETs, and developed a broader spiritual perspective that she shares in this revised and expanded second edition. While earlier she struggled with the emotional fallout from her encounters, this expanded text now focuses on the promise of humanity’s betterment as a result of embracing our true spiritual power as creative beings. Only by recognizing our innate abilities can we effectively design the experiences we desire.

Our universal neighbors describe the way they relate to each other, raise their children, and conduct their peaceful society. They inspire us to become fully empowered, creative beings adept at manifestation. They explain why they have not yet landed on the White House lawn, but that our expanding spiritual readiness will soon allow clearer evidence of their presence here.

Lisette Larkins offers us a glimpse into a way of being where we too can create the life of our dreams, and become adept at magically producing whatever is needed to thrive. They inspire and challenge us to perceive of ourselves and them as neighbors within the same community of families and to accept our responsibility as self-reliant masters of creation.

Lisette Larkins has had extraordinary extraterrestrial encounters since childhood. The importance of them was to reveal to her the possibility of experiencing a “chronic state of well-being” and to inspire the recognition that, as spiritual beings in human bodies, we are designed to create to the same degree and with the same ability as extraterrestrials do! This means that the very purpose of our soul is to allow our imagination to run free and to be, do, and have anything and everything we want. We are designed to be Creative Beings! When we are not in the process of creating, we are actually spiraling downward. But we cannot create what we want when we are not feeling good

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A Virtual UFO Sighting: The Secret Law of Attraction

Published on Dec 14, 2012

UFO: The Secret is an ET message urging you to activate the Law of Attraction. Now. Click here to find out more:

Get ready, because it’s a whole new world! Do you yearn to achieve the life of your dreams, but there’s a missing ingredient in your game plan?

Life is a game, and if you’re not winning, find out why! Few are aware that the Law of Attraction, although a simple & powerful “magic wand,” will not work unless it’s activated correctly.

Lisette Larkins, author of Talking to Extraterrestrials: Communicating with Enlightened Beings, is a lifelong “experiencer” of extraterrestrial contact, resulting in her ET mentors inspiring her to quickly learn what they have mastered: Go beyond “The Secret” and achieve the ability to activate rockets of desire in order to be, do, and have anything and everything desired.

Jupiter Venus Connection Until March 2014

There is currently an opposition between Jupiter and Venus in the sky. These two planets are both “givers” in that they give things we want in life. yet the things they give are often at odds with each other.

Venus and Jupiter Aspect – Connection Through March 2014 – VIDEO

Published on Nov 22, 2013…

Jupiter is related to higher teachings and things that give our life meaning and hope beyond the things we want to possess and enjoy in the moment – things such as physical pleasure and other people. These Jupiter things take the form of children, teachers and deep life teachings. Those higher teachings evoke parts of our being that are not necessarily interested in short-term happiness and pleasure.

Whereas the joys and pleasures of life are related to Venus. They take up a lot of our time and energy as well. Relationships with all people and all of the desires we want to fulfill in this world come from Venus. Yet, Venus comes after Jupiter in the planetary order, because all of those high, abstract principles and teachings need to be connected to other people and need to be a source of joy and bliss (Venus).

You may be feeling a pull between satisfying your desires / partners and your higher purpose at the moment as Venus and Jupiter are getting very close to an exact opposition.

Between now and March 2014 these two planets will be facing off, in the Gemini / Sagittarius axis – the axis of “Belief” and “Testing our Belief”. We should all prepare for some major shakeups and re-calibrations of the relationship paradigm real soon.

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