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On the Path to Enlightenment: A Hope for Humanity by Chris Hamilton

On the Path to Enlightenment: A Hope for Humanity seeks to provide insight into the purpose of life. Author Chris Hamilton explains that it is the lessons we are learning in our everyday lives that define our life’s purpose. These lessons give us hope to move forward into the light through love, releasing fear and judgment as we find peace and listen to our inner voice. We also realise that we do have help in our daily life through the guidance we are each given on a daily basis. We were born to experience life in all its many facets-to find love and to live that love.

From personal tragedy in Chris’s life comes a warm story of understanding our spiritual side through this guidance and ultimately finding peace and forgiveness. She has received what she believes to be divine guidance over a period of time, some of which was channelled to uplift her in times of sadness, doubt, or frustration. She feels it has been given, not for her alone, but for everyone.

As our planet moves towards a higher dimension, we, mankind, must move forward with it if we are to remain on the earth in our physical forms. On the Path to Enlightenment seeks to help us make that move. “Profound and uplifting, this book by Chris Hamilton has grown from a long study of esoteric knowledge, channeled guidance, and personal tragedy.”

-Lawrence and Michael Sartorius, authors of The New Earth

Chris Hamilton was born in Melbourne, Australia, and led a quiet existence until the death of her teenage daughter in 1990. From that time her life has been one of searching for truth, both in the spiritual world and in this one. This book is a consequence of that search. Chris is now the proud grandmother of five adored grandchildren. Her passion for reading has led her to write several small books of poetry.

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