Rupert Spira – The Beginning of the End of the Separate Self

Nonduality author and teacher Rupert Spira talks about the beginning of the end of the separate self.

Rupert says whatever we are is not only aware but it is present. What we really are is ‘knowing presence’ or ‘aware presence’. Although we experience ourselves as separate individuals, in reality nothing cuts us off from our true nature. We never for a moment cease to be anything other than ‘aware presence’. But our true nature doesn’t have any objective qualities – it cannot be seen, heard, touched or tasted – so we tend to over look it. We therefore mistake ourselves as a combination of thoughts, sensations and ideas, as a separate individual. This results in a search for peace, happiness or love which are in fact inherent qualities of ‘knowing presence’, of what we truly are.

This clip is an extract of audio dialogue with Nic Higham entitled ‘Love Beckons Always’. The full-length version is available from


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