Vedic Astrology – New Moon in Scorpio – 2013

There will be a new Moon in Scorpio on December 2, 2013 in the Nakshatra of Jyeshta, which is ruled by Lord Indra, the king of the Gods.

Vedic Astrology – New Moon in Scorpio – 2013

Published on Dec 1, 2013
Vedic Astrology – New Moon in Scorpio – 2013

Scorpio – Stabilizing the Emotions
Scorpio is a sign where we are trying to strengthen our emotional weaknesses, and transform them into deep emotional (and even psychic) strengths. In order to do that we must plunge into the murky waters of our psyche. Now is the time we will all be challenged to do that.

Scorpio is an “insect” sign. The insect signs rely a lot on intuition and “feeling their way” through situations. Unfortunately, because many of us are disconnected from our deeper intuition, and mistake our “emotions” to be intuition, there can be a lot of painful mistakes, exaggerations and obsessions ( Which have to do with emotions, not intuition) with this sign. We must all be careful about these emotional excesses for the next month.

We may be processing a lot of emotional fear, even terror now. The life force flows through the heart, and Scorpio is the sign where we become terrified of losing those things that connect us to the life force.

Jyeshta – Lord Indra – King of The Gods
This New moon takes place in Jyeshta Nakshatra, ruled by Lord Indra. He is known as the King of the gods and is one of the main heroes in the rig Veda. There is a famous story of how he allowed himself to be swallowed by the Dragon who stole the water from Earth. Later, after being swallowed, he sliced open the Dragon’s belly and returned all the water, Therefore saving creation.

This underscores a great lesson:
“Life has no meaning unless you have something you are willing to die for.”

However, later Indra is often portrayed as one who is drunk with power, often risking and losing the kingdom through foolish, egoistic bets and battles.

The truth is,both possibilities are there with this Nakshatra. We must choose our battles wisely, and when we do, we can be a great, even heroic presence. Allowing ourself to be swallowed by darkness, with full trust and realization that our redemption is just around the corner, is the highest promise of this Nakshatra.

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