Encounters with Babaji by Renata Caddy

Master of the Himalaya,

Related with simplicity and sincerity, the anecdotes in this firsthand account detail author Renata Caddy’s experiences with Babaji, an eternal being and figure in Indian spirituality. Through personal stories and photographs, Caddy describes her first meeting with Babaji during a stay in India in 1978 as well as the 72 encounters that followed in the next six years, until Babaji gave up his human form in 1984.

She then relates the events that occurred during her several pilgrimages to Mount Kailash in Tibet, where she felt Babaji’s presence strongly and was even more compelled to follow his teachings of truth, simplicity, love, and service to humanity. Full of wisdom, this illuminating book contains a message of spiritual development that will resonate with anyone of an open heart and mind, regardless of religion.

Renata Caddy is a writer and painter who teaches courses and directs workshops on the topics of self-discovery, self-realization, and happiness.

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WHO IS BABAJI? http://www.babajiskriyayoga.net

am Existence-Knowledge-Bliss absolute. I am the Impersonal Personality of the whole universe…One with everything, and therefore nothing special… When you know who you are you will know who is Babaji

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