Inner Freedom: Authentically Living the Life You were Truly Meant to Live ~ Dr. Keith Merron

Inner Freedom

The height of fulfillment……is about seeking to fully embody yourself.

Drawing from over 30 years of in-depth experience and research in the human sciences, Dr. Keith Merron has developed a profound process by which one can experience full inner and outer freedom.

In his new, groundbreaking book, Inner Freedom: Living Authentically the Life You Were Truly Meant to Live, Dr. Keith Merron invites the reader to confront the forces that cause and impede inner freedom in one’s life.

Most of us are living a mistake and we repeat that mistake time and time again, misunderstanding the larger pattern in which we are caught. The mistake is simple—we unconsciously believe that if we get certain things or become what society tells us we should become, then we’ll be fulfilled.

The simple and profound message of this book is that you have the possibility of living a full and authentic life and in so doing, experience greater fulfillment and joy than you ever imagined possible. Living authentically is the experience of embracing yourself fully and expressing who you are to the fullest extent possible—it is about giving voice to who you are at the deepest level of who you are. And to live life authentically means honoring and supporting others to do the same. It is about being and speaking one’s truth and encouraging others to do the same.

Many have known the extraordinary sense of fulfillment available to us all along. Unfortunately though, it is hard to trust this knowledge as the media bombards us with images to the contrary. What prevents us from living the life we were meant to live is that too many of us live in a trap cultivated and supported by our culture. It is a trap that we chose and didn’t know we chose it, for it is all around us, and expected of us. This book is about the unseen trap and is designed to help you get out of yours. It is designed to support you in listening from you heart and listening to your body and thoughts and feelings, for they have been trying to tell you something.

Dr. Keith Merron is the founder and Managing Partner of Avista Consulting Group, an organizational consulting and leadership development firm dedicated to helping organizations with bold visions achieve sustainable high performance and industry leadership. As an organization effectiveness and executive development consultant, he has more than 30 years of experience assisting executives and managers in business, government, and education.

Keith has designed and led over 100 seminars and workshops for leaders. He has helped create some of the most innovative leadership training programs in the country. Keith received his Doctorate from Harvard University in 1985, where his studies spanned the fields of human and organization development. He is the author of four books on human and organizational change. They include: Riding the Wave: Designing Your Organization for Enduring Success, Consulting Mastery: How the Best Make the Biggest Difference, and The Golden Flame: The Heart and Soul of Remarkable Leadership, and Inner Freedom: Living Authentically the Life You Were Truly Meant to Live. Keith teaches leadership at Hult School of Business and is in high demand as a speaker on the subject of leadership and building extraordinary organizational cultures. Keith is single with two children, lives in San Rafael, California, and enjoys golf, tennis, bicycling, and pottery in his spare time.

Inner Freedom

Dr. Keith Merron discusses his 10-week webinar workshop based on his book, Inner Freedom: Living Authentically the Life You Were Truly Meant to Live

TEDxDavis-Keith Merron-In Search of Remarkable Leadership

Dr Merron is a successful businessman who wanted to know what it meant to be a great leader. To find out he spent his time meeting and talking to some of the greatest leaders of our time. In this inspirational talk, he describes the experience of meeting these people, and the lessons he learned from them.

Dr. Keith Merron is one of the country’s leading experts in leadership, organizational culture, and change. As a doctoral student at Harvard University 30 years ago, he was amid of some of the seminal research upon which our current knowledge of organizational culture is based. His research on the relationship between ego maturity, leadership, and organizational effectiveness helped form the basis of a new theory of organizational and societal change called Spiral Dynamics, elucidated in Ken Wilber’s ground breaking treatise, A Theory of Everything. He is committed to helping organizations become leaders in their industry as a result of the quality of their culture and workplace.

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