Joni Patry ~2014 Vedic Astrology Predictions

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World famous Vedic astrologer Joni Patry gives you her shocking predictions for 2014. Prepare yourself for the new year.

Spiritual Insights for a New Year 2014

At the beginning of a new year everyone wants to start out with a fresh new perspective. As I contemplate world events and the issue of how one can really change, some very specific things were revealed to me to help create the changes you truly want and need in your life.

This is a time of year when the nights are longer than the days. This means it is a time to go within. We must learn to connect with the essence of who and what we truly are. The essence within you is the loving unconditional spirit that connects you to everything and everyone. When you connect to this essence within you, you will find peace, contentment and direction to your path. All outward experiences in life are directing you to your eternal home. This life is the fulfillment of our spiritual journey back to our selves. When you take the time to meditate every day even for a short interval you will be in a place of peace and harmony that leads you to the path your life is meant to fulfill.

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The Art of Dying ~ Peter Fenwick, Elizabeth Fenwick

A new book to help the dying, their loved ones and their health care workers better understand the dying process and to come to terms with death itself.

The Art of Dying is a contemporary version of the medieval Ars Moriendi—a manual on how to achieve a good death. Peter Fenwick is an eminent neuropsychiatrist, academic and expert on disorders of the brain. His most compelling and provocative research has been into the end of life phenomena, including near-death experiences and deathbed visions of the dying person, as well as the experiences of hospice and palliative care workers and relatives of dying people.

Dr. Fenwick believes that consciousness may be independent of the brain and so able to survive the death of the brain, a theory which has divided the scientific community. The “problem with death” is deeply rooted in our culture and the social organization of death rituals. Fenwick believes that with serious engagement and through further investigation of these phenomena, he can help change attitudes so that we in the West can face up to death, and embrace it as a significant and sacred part of life. We have become used to believing that we have to shield each other from the idea of death. Fear of death means we view it as something to be fought every step of the way.

Aimed at a broad popular readership, The Art of Dying looks at how other cultures have dealt with death and the dying process (The Tibetan “death system”, Swedenborg, etc.) and compares this with phenomena reported through recent scientific research. It describes too the experiences of health care workers who are involved with end of life issues who feel that they need a better understanding of the dying process, and more training in how to help their patients die well by overcoming the common barriers to a good death, such as unfinished business and unresolved emotions of guilt or hate.

From descriptions of the phenomena encountered by the dying and those around them, to mapping out ways in which we can die a “good death”, this book is an excellent basis for helping people come to terms with death.

Dr Peter Fenwick is an internationally renowned neuropsychiatrist and a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He is Britain’s leading clinical authority on near-death experiences and is president of the British branch of The International Association for Near-Death Studies. He also holds appointments at the Maudsley Hospital, the John Radcliffe Hospital, and the Broadmoor Special Hospital for Violent Offenders.

Elizabeth Fenwick has written a number of books on health and family issues. She has produced books on pregnancy and child care, worked as an agony aunt advising on sexual problems on radio and in Company magazine and has been involved in sex education in two London schools. She also worked for three years as a counsellor for Childline.

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Dr Peter Fenwick – ‘Consciousness and Dying’ – Interview by Iain McNay

Author of several books including ‘The Art Of Dying,‘ ‘The Truth In The Light’ and ‘The Hidden Door‘ neuro-psychiatrist Peter Fenwick talks about his research into End of Life Experiences and deathbed phenomena and what these mean in the greater picture of who we really are.

TEDxBrussels – Peter Fenwick – The art of Dying Well

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