Grist for the Mill: Awakening to Oneness By Ram Dass, Stephen Levine

From Ram Dass, one
of America’s most beloved spiritual figures and bestselling author
of Be Here Now and Be Love Now,
comes this timeless classic about the experience of
being and the risks and rewards of our spiritual path. Originally
published in 1976, Grist for the Mill offers
a deep spiritual journey of self-discovery, and a universal
understanding of what it means to “be” and to grow as human beings.
The book is fully revised with a new introduction. As Ram Dass puts
it, “When the faith is strong enough it is sufficient just to be.
It’s a journey towards simplicity, towards quietness, towards a
kind of joy that is not in time. It’s a journey that has taken us
from primary identification with our body and our psyche, on to an
identification with God, and ultimately beyond identification.”
Ram Dass is the
author of the landmark classic Be Here Now and
the acclaimed Still Here. After meeting his
guru in India in 1967, Ram Dass became a pivotal spiritual
influence on American culture. He currently resides in Maui.
Stephen Levine is the bestselling
author of many works, including Gradual
. With his wife, Ondrea, Levine has counseled
terminally ill people and their loved ones for over thirty

A Big Heart Open to God: A Conversation with Pope Francis By Pope Francis

The world was shocked when Jesuit magazines across the globe simultaneously released an exclusive interview with Pope Francis, just six months into his historic papacy. Within minutes of its release, the interview dominated the worldwide media. In a wide-ranging conversation, Pope Francis spoke movingly about his spiritual life, his hopes for church reform, his open-minded stance toward gays and lesbians, his views on women, and even his favorite movies.

America magazine, where the idea for the interview originated, commissioned a team of five Italian-language experts to ensure that the pope’s words were transmitted accurately into English. Now this remarkable, historic, and moving interview is available in book form.

In addition to the full papal interview conducted by Antonio Spadaro, SJ, on behalf of the Jesuit journals, A Big Heart Open to God includes an introduction by the editor in chief of America, Matt Malone, SJ, describing the genesis of the interview, a series of responses by a diverse range of Catholic voices, and a spiritual refection on the interview by James Martin, SJ, author of Te Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything. In his refection, Father Martin helps readers use the pope’s powerful comments as a foundation for personal prayer.

In this historic interview, Pope Francis’s vision for the church and humanity itself is delivered through a warm and intimate conversation, and he shows us all how to have a big heart open to God.

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1. Marianne Williamson on Crossing the Bridge in the Gift of Change. 2. Spiritual Death and Rebirth

Marianne Williamson on Crossing the Bridge in the Gift of Change (ACIM) – i3

What does it mean to cross the bridge in the Gift of Change? “The bridge from one world to another is the bridge of perception.” “The fact that we can change our minds is the greatest gift that God has given us.” Stop projecting our ego based sub selves.

Marianne Williamson on Spiritual Death and Rebirth in the Gift of Change (ACIM) – i6

Marianne Williamson interview on Spiritual Death and Rebirth in relation to spiritual awakening. “We are trained to live such smaller lives than we are capable of. It’s like little pieces of us die.” “If you were told you were not smart; you didn’t become less smart, but you fell asleep to the knowledge that you are smart.”

Training in Compassion Zen Teachings on the Practice of Lojong by Norman Fischer

Lojong is the Tibetan Buddhist practice that involves working with short phrases (called “slogans”) as a way of generating bodhichitta, the heart and mind of enlightened compassion. Though the practice is more than a millennium old, it has become popular in the West only in the last twenty years or so—and it has become very popular indeed, because it’s a practice that one can fit very well into an ordinary life, and because it works.Through the influence of Pema Chödrön, who was one of the first American Buddhist teachers to teach it extensively, the practice has moved out of its Buddhist context to affect the lives of non-Buddhists too.

It’s in this spirit that Norman Fischer offers his commentary on the lojong slogans. He applies Zen wisdom to them, showing how well they fit in that related tradition, but he also sets the slogans in the context of resonant practices throughout the spiritual traditions. He shows lojong to be a wonderful method for everyone, including those who aren’t otherwise interested in Buddhism, who don’t have the time or inclination to meditate, or who’d just like to morph into the kind of person who’s focused rather than scattered, generous rather than stingy, and kind rather than thoughtless.

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Authors@Google: Norman Fischer

In Sailing Home, renowned Zen teacher Norman Fischer deftly incorporates Buddhist, Judaic, Christian, and popular thought, as well as his own unique and sympathetic understanding of life, in his reinterpretation of Odysseus’s familiar wanderings as lessons that everyone can use. We see how to resist the seduction of the Sirens’ song to stop sailing and give up; how to bide our time in a situation and wait for the right opportunity; and how to reassess our story and rediscover our purpose and identity if, like the Lotus-Eaters, we have forgotten the past. With meditations that yield personal revelations, illuminating anecdotes from Fischer’s and his students’ lives, and stories from many wisdom traditions, Sailing Home shows the way to greater purpose in your own life.

Norman Fischer is a poet, author, Zen priest, and abbot. Founder and teacher of the Everyday Zen Foundation (, he is one of the senior Zen teachers in America. In addition to his own retreats and events, which take place in his groups in Canada and Mexico, as well as the United States, Norman teaches at many other meditation centers around the world.
This event took place on October 7, 2008

Norman Fischer, Jack Kornfield and Sylvia Wetzel at the Garrison Institute

Buddhism’s growth in the West has spurred a rich cross-fertilization among the great traditions. In this spirit, Buddhist teachers have met in support of one another on past occasions in the US, Dharamsala and Europe. During the 2011 Buddhist Teachers Council held at the Garrison Institute in June, 2011, Jack Kornfield, Sylvia Wetzel and Norman Fischer sat down to discuss the state of Buddhism in the West today. They spoke with Robert Gabriele, Chief Operating Officer at the Garrison Institute. To find out more about the Garrison Institute:

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