The User’s Guide to Being Human: The Art and Science of Self by Scott Edmund Miller

Every human being is born with an extraordinary set of inner resources, including intelligence, attention, mind, imagination, consciousness, willpower, love, and emotion. Strangely, most people pass through young-adulthood and 13+ years of schooling without ever formally learning about any one of these innate capacities. As a result, a vast majority of folks spend their days harnessing only a small fraction of the great potential that is freely available within them.

The User’s Guide to Being Human is the first owner’s manual to comprehensively examine the inner tools with which people shape their lives. Merging art with science, this book illuminates 16 core capacities that enable people to bring out the best in themselves, their activities and relations. It offers step-by-step coaching for all who wish to master the ongoing art of personal development. A companion workbook provides additional support for the exercises and Personal Growth Project.
Scott Edmund Miller is the award winning author of the self-help book, “The User’s Guide to Being Human: The Art and Science of Self.” Two months into publication, The User’s Guide received the 2012 International Book Award for “Best New Self-Hep Book,” and the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Award for “Motivational Book of the Year.” It was also honored as an Indie finalist in the “Inspirational” category. Scott is author of a coming of age novel as well, “The Barefoot Warrior,” which he published under the pen name Kyle Weaver.

Scott’s mission is to empower people of all ages and in all walks of life to harness the great potential that is freely available within them. The User’s Guide to Being Human describes his discoveries and methods of self-development that make this possible. Synthesizing 5000 years of global wisdom on the topic of human capacities development, his work puts everyday men, women, and children in touch with the innate arts and sciences that drive the unfolding of their lives. The Barefoot Warrior explores the development of these capacities in the life of a young adult.

As a human capacities expert, educator, and school developer, he has been involved in educational reform for nearly two decades. He was the cofounder of Our Community School (OCS), a public charter school in Los Angeles, and served as the board chairman and CEO when OCS was recognized as the 2009 “Charter School of the Year” in the State of California. He recently cofounded a new organization to integrate educational programs based on “The User’s Guide to Being Human” into public school systems and community services.

Scott is an avid hiker, and wrote much of the material for both books while frequenting various trails in the quiet desert regions of Southern California. He is currently daydreaming at a fair clip along various California trails to develop his third book, “What’s Your Everest” which seeks to empower readers fulfill their own unique sense of destiny.

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