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Global Awakening New Science and the 21st-Century Enlightenment By (author) Michael Schacker [ Updated Jan 18, 2014]

About Global Awakening
Shows how we must make deep changes to complete our paradigm shift from the old mechanistic worldview to the new organic worldview

• Reveals the distinct stages of paradigm shifts through the ages, including the 18th-century Enlightenment and the critical stage of our current shift

• Explains how the new organic worldview began with Goethe and Kant

• Offers solutions for each of us to be able to realize and make the deep changes needed for global regeneration

In Global Awakening, Michael Schacker shows that hidden within our global crises is a positive future for the planet. Sharing his 30 years of intensive research into the history of change as well as the evolution of consciousness and regenerative science, Schacker explains how our current shift from the old mechanistic worldview to a new organic worldview based on biological models follows the same pattern as other paradigm shifts across history, including the 18th-century Enlightenment and the American Revolution.

He reveals the creative geniuses who have contributed to the birth of the organic worldview, beginning with Goethe, Kant, and Hahnemann. Exposing the scientific and social forces that drive paradigm shifts, he details the stages every paradigm shift progresses through: the early Enlightenment, the conservative backlash, the intensive phase, and and the transformational phase leading to the Organic Shift.

Explaining that we are currently in the throes of the paradigm flip, the critical last phase of our paradigm shift, Schacker shows how the mechanistic worldview is crumbling around us and nothing but a complete transformation in the way we think will keep us from the path of total self-destruction. Providing a map to overcome the allure of the simplistic mechanical model that has spawned countless unsustainable practices and problems–from global warming to intense economic disparities–the author offers concrete solutions showing how each of us can use our talents, skills, and time to make the deep changes needed for global regeneration.

Table of Contents

Introduction Revealing the Hidden Path to the “Possible Human” by Stephen Larsen, Ph.D.

1 The Coming Change in Worldviews

2 Kant: The Organic Copernicus

3 Goethe: The Organic Galileo

4 The Organic Shift in Science and Technology

5 A Social/Civil Rights Revolution

6 The Organic Countercultures and the New Artist

7 The Future According to Teilhard de Chardin

8 The Early Enlightenment: 1950-1975

9 The Conservative Backlash: 1976-1990

10 The Intensive Phase and the Coming Paradigm Flip: 1991-2011

11 After the Paradigm Flip, the Transformational Phase: 2012-2050

12 The Next Step: What You Can Do

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About the Author of Global Awakening
Michael Schacker is an investigative science writer and co-founder of the Global Regeneration Network. A strategic consultant and writer in the field of regenerative agriculture, he is the author of A Spring Without Bees. He lives in Woodstock, New York.

Listen to blogtalk radio with Barbara Schacker: Global Awakening HERE

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