The Key to the Great Secret: Rennes le Chateau, The Holy Grail and The Spear of Human Destiny by T. Findley

An ancient wisdom known only to Gnostics had previously become lost to humanity in the mists of time. This secret knowledge is now revealed to you for the first time, in The Key to the Great Secret, and can be seen in paintings by Poussin and Teniers – so there is no mistaking its existence. What is revealed in the paintings is a secret method of prayer that allows one to have a direct experience of God, just as Gnostics have always maintained. Furthermore, access to God allows one to develop to a much higher level of consciousness and wisdom, allowing them to ultimately attain The Holy Grail of spiritual immortality.

This Gnostic Heresy was almost wiped out by the Catholic Church, but has survived and exists in secret organisations to this day. These remaining Gnostics are the trustees to our natural inheritance and hopefully will now feel free to come forward to guide us on our true path.

The Key to the Great Secret provides readers with the opportunity to unlock the reality of The Holy Grail, so that they may see with spiritual eyes and understand with Gnostic wisdom.

“In all honesty and humility, if everything in this book is true, then it has to be one of the most important books ever written – simply because of what it contains. This book contains the greatest secret in the world. Is this a hoax or not? You must decide,” says author T. Findley.

T. Findley was born in Leicester in 1947 and, after leaving school at 16, worked as a draughtsman for 16 years before leaving to go to Loughborough University where he gained a BSc. Hons. degree in Social Psychology. He then worked for several years as a psychotherapist before joining the NHS mental health team in Leicester.

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