Reflections ~ Tom Ferguson

Reflections is a collection of insightful and well written essays that blends the wisdom of ancient scriptural verses with a modern perspective on psychology, spirituality and relationships. The result is a set of captivating and easy-to-read missives that encourages us to rethink our assumptions about some of life’s most profound mysteries.

I suspect you’ll notice a common theme throughout the essays. Specifically that the ultimate human potential is personal happiness, and that spiritual growth holds the key to that elusive goal. Thus, in a sense, Reflections offer insights into where happiness comes from, where it does not come from, what we’re doing to prevent happiness in our lives and how we might change that.

While author, Tom Ferguson, frequently uses scripture verses from the New Testament or other sources as a spring-board for reflection, it’s clear he is not promoting any particular religious tradition. Quite the contrary, Reflections seeks to transcend any specific religious tradition in search of a more unifying dimension of spirituality. The essays are in no particular order, so if a particular chapter strikes a chord with you or piques your interest you may want to start there and see where the reading leads you.

Tom Ferguson was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1962. In his mid-teens he became fascinated by the subject of happiness and became an avid reader and writer on the topic in the years since. His first book, Reflections, began as a series of emails and essays written to friends with whom he shared a passion for philosophy and spirituality. From there it transformed into a blog and ultimately evolved into an e-book with the encouragement of blog subscribers, friends and family members who found his missives both insightful and entertaining. Since early childhood he has lived in Colorado Springs, CO where he enjoys running, wellness, meditation …. and happiness.

Click here to take a look inside.

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