Listening to the Song (01/22/14) ~ Tara Brach

Listening to the Song

Listening with our full heart and attention is the gateway to understanding and love. This talk explores the challenges to deep listening, and offers ways of paying attention that awaken a healing listening presence.

Spiritual Awakening (the easy way) by Tim van der Vliet

In Spiritual Awakening: the easy way, Tim van der Vliet demonstrates through five simple steps that we don’t need to read libraries full of hefty tomes to become enlightened, or to wake up.

His message is sharp, raw and straightforward – a surprising combination of spirituality and humour. Tim has the ability to get to the core of what’s important, keep it simple and be funny when you least expect it; his words will inspire you and make you laugh at the same time. You can read them over and over again and find new perspectives through their transformative nature… or maybe because the words have changed you.

Tim lives in Amsterdam where he cultivated his light view on spirituality that he calls ‘Zen from Amsterdam’. He is a former trader in the financial market where he learned interesting life lessons. Thanks to his background and childlike enthusiasm Tim conveys a profound message in a simple way. He has the ability to build a bridge between the spiritual and mainstream world. His story – how a former trader, husband, and father of four walks the spiritual path on a daily basis – enables people to identify easily.

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Spiritual Awakening (The Easy Way) – by Tim van der Vliet: official trailer

What is spiritual awakening ? Tim van der vliet

im van der Vliet (born August 17, 1969) is a Dutch author, speaker, poet and yogi. He writes about life and conscious living in a lighthearted and down-to-earth way. After working in the financial market for 13 years, he quits his job and starts writing about life in short verses and one-liners.
He self-publishes his first book, Spiritual Awakening (the easy way) in December 2010 under his pseudonym Timotheus. In 2013, Tim signs a book deal with Hay House UK for the republication of Spiritual Awakening (the easy way) in the Autumn of 2013, together with an option on all upcoming books. fro; Wikipedia

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