“The Journey After Awakening” Adyashanti & Loch Kelly

Awakening to our true nature does not mark the end of the spiritual path—it’s just the beginning. In this intimate and compelling dialogue, Adyashanti and Loch Kelly explore the journey after awakening.

Adyashanti, author of Emptiness Dancing, The Impact of Awakening, and True Meditation, dares all seekers of peace and freedom to take the possibility of liberation seriously. His spontaneous and direct teachings have opened the door for many seekers to awaken to their true nature and live an awakened life.

Real Peace is right at the Heart of Experience ~ Rupert Spira

Published on Mar 21, 2013

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Evolution of Consciousness: Progressing Towards Universal Holism Written by Howard Jones

Those who claim knowledge of the mystical will always be confronted by the skeptical attitude of those who deny the very existence of the spiritual realm. Claiming to know universal truths by mystical insight alone will not suffice to convince the rationalists. If such a spiritual world-view is to be more widely accepted it must be substantiated by sensory data supported by coherent argument that is compatible with scientific knowledge. To insist on the truth of events that defy not only science but even common sense is not logical in a rational world.

This book seeks to provide a realistic reassessment of the role of religion. It describes a mass of empirical evidence for the existence of another dimension of life – and death. It provides a scientific interpretation in simple terms for continuing discarnate survival of the soul and the phenomena of psi. It shows how human consciousness as part of a holistic cosmic spirituality has evolved through human history. From this emerges a tenable hypothesis of consciousness in incarnate and discarnate existence, for such an approach provides credible evidence for belief in an afterlife.

The author studied for six years at University College Cardiff and gained a First Class Honours B.Sc. degree in chemistry and an M.Sc. in physics. Three years of research in Perth, Western Australia produced a Ph.D. in medical chemistry, and was followed by three years post-doctoral research at the McGill Medical School in Montreal, Canada. His professional life has been devoted to teaching, tutoring, lecturing, writing and editing the work of other scientists. He has spent the past 30 years in publishing, in-house for John Wiley and the Open University and as a freelance, and has now set up a small independent publishing house, Fairhill Publishing. Evolution of Consciousness is his sixth book and the fourth on the theme of science and spirituality.

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Loneliness in the Body ~ Rupert Spira

Published on Feb 18, 2014

In this video clip, Rupert describes the essential component of uncomfortable feelings, and how these betray the hiding place of an illusory self in the body.

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