Journey of the Self : As seen through the eyes of God By Judith [ Updated Feb 22, 2014 ]

> Who are the Wayshowers?
> What is the self of my being?
>How did I become separated from truth?
> What is the True Mind?

From the time of your birth into being there have been these prevailing truths: you are love and you are loved; you are complete; and you are the spark from the Divine. The guide named Mother, the true author of this book, leads you through the minefield of deception that has held you back from the truth of who you are. She takes you back to the beginning of this planet and its first inhabitants, shares ancient wisdom and insights about judgment, forgiveness, and the human mind and much, much more.

There is and has only been one truth, and Mother lights this spark of truth within you with great wisdom and clarity. Come forth into the act of being and believe in the self is the cornerstone of her message. Mother speaks personally to each of you, and with expert guidance, shows how to come forth in this very important time of ascension. She speaks of the Wayshowers, the enlightened ones who have come back at this time to lead this planet through the transition from falsehood to truth and from duality into singularity. Perhaps you are one of these Wayshowers and her message will help to light your way through your Journey of the Self.

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” – Lao-Tzu

Judith has climbed the mountains of Peru, studied at the feet of a guru for many years, received and recorded messages from Spirit and been a seeker of wisdom and truth for most of her adult life. She is a wife, mother and a grandmother who lives with her husband, a rescued dog and a cat that owns her, along the beautiful coast of California.

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An Upraised Chalice: Adventures and Near Death Encounters in my Search for the Brotherhood of Light – and What This Can Mean for You ~ Gene O’Neil

Pub Date: May 31, 2014

Ever wonder why bad things happen? “An Upraised Chalice” is a thought provoking, riveting story about one persons drive to seek and understanding of life and the world around him. A world-wide quest for the Ancient Wisdom is the back drop of the story that expands with the passing of the years and multiple near death encounters. The appearance of Archangel Michael in one instance, warning the author immediately prior to a fatal accident in which the author was killed and then sent back, poses important questions that are explored in this work.

Near Death Experiences – are they real or as scientific naysayers state “the result of lack of oxygen to the brain” – What makes one of the near death experiences detailed in this story so different from others we’ve read about or seen in the news is this – Archangel Michael appeared and warned the author to prepare with a prayer/mantra of protection a minute before the fatal 80mph+ head-on impact. Both drivers were killed, but the author was sent back repeatedly The author detals a life long chain of events that prepared the way for this intercession and other that occur through the course of this story.

Science and Spirituality a new twist – A controversial true story -The scientifically orientated community will have to sit up and take notice of “An Upraised Chalice.” This story written by an apparenlty very well grounded and practical man, who is among other things a FAA certified flight instructor, details a life long quest in search of the ancient wisdom. Teachings long guarded and taught by great masters of wisdom who compose a Brotherhood of Light. Multiple near death encounters, archangels, masters and a lifestyle that is focused around an inner path of prayer and mediation while fully engaged in the professional world of today raises questions for many.

“Proof of Heaven” and now “An Upraised Chalice” in the News” – Dr. Eben Alexander’s accounting of his near death experience has been at the top of the best seller list for many months and received cover story status in Newsweek. Now in this autobioigraphy adventure story “An Upraised Chalice” details multiple near death experiences and explores the karmic circumstances by which they happened. This in addition to describing a lifestyle that affords great benefits including protection of oneself and ones family. The implications of this controversial story good food for thought.

This chronicles the remarkable adventures of a lifetime’s quest in search of the ancient wisdom and recounts the repeated and, on occasion, miraculous intercessions of the Great Ones—more importantly, what all this could mean for you. What makes Gene’s story so different from others detailing near-death experiences is Archangel Michael’s appearance in a sphere of Light, commanding him to prepare with a specific prayer/mantra, just moments before his fatal car accident, from which he returned and was healed.

The story details the lifelong chain of events that brought about these intercessions and subsequent interactions with the Great Ones that so shaped Gene’s life. And there is a much deeper story here, vast in its implications, that contains a challenge to all who seek to know the truth. It’s a story that can help you answer our greatest questions—who are we?… why are we here?

About the author:

  • A lifetime of studying the Great Masters teachings
  • An epic solo quest to the world’s sacred placesFinal
  • Great adventures and miraculous divine intercessions
  • Multiple near-death encounters highlighted by Archangel Michael’s intercession detailed herein.
  • Hosted group meditation retreats and conducted presentations on the Masters and the Path for 3 decades
  • 15 years operating an Internet marketing agency
  • A 20-year career in professional aviation as a flight instructor and corporate pilot
  • A 7-year immersion in aquaculture concluding with an epic, victorious legal battle against a large corporation (for federal fraud)
  • Raised a family on a self-sufficient homestead he built in the mountains of southern Vermont
  • Living long enough to write it all down


Please read the dozen or so chapter excerpts that will give you a better idea of the scope of “An Upraised Chalice” here

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