Living with Grace, Flow and Ease by Cheryl & Dodd Baldwin [Updated Feb 27, 2014]

Grace is a positive influence emanating from a source greater than us. It enhances our spiritual well-being and leads to improved flow and ease in our lives. The authors share powerful stories about living with grace, flow, and ease, and ways you can actively invite these joyful gifts to work for you as part of an awakened, intentional life.

Introduction to Living with Grace, Flow and Ease

Throughout our many years and travels in life together, we have discovered a powerful, but gentle source that has guided us, sustained us, blessed us and assisted us in a way that is beyond most explanation. In this book, we will share with you what we have come to know as our dear friends: Grace, Flow and Ease. Our deep wish is this will become some part of your life that will bless you beyond measure.

Make no mistake about it, while this is for everyone, it requires courage, faith, trust and presence. Just as fish swim in water, Grace, Flow and Ease dwell in love. ….

As read our stories, you may be thinking that this is not possible for yourself. That is not true. It does require a particular attitude and way of approaching life, which we will share with you. But as we said before, living with Grace, Flow and Ease is for everyone that wants it. It is a life-style. And, it takes practice.

Living with Grace, Flow and Ease,
allows us to live a more intentional life; a life that is more focused and open to magical moments. They are those beautiful, surprising moments that we know deep inside, came from something much larger than ourselves.

Cheryl Dodd Baldwin, MPH, has degrees in psychology, public health, and integrative health, and holds numerous certifications in the holistic health field.

Mary Ellen Finerty, RN, MA, has degrees in biology, nursing, and nursing education/administration. Both Cheryl and Mary have been involved in the healing arts and personal empowerment field for over forty years. It has been their life’s work and passion. They share a holistic health practice in Mont Clare, Pennsylvania, and work with clients throughout the country. They have taught both nationally and internationally.

Grace, Flow, and Ease

If you are looking for a fun, yet transformative interview for your audience, you will love what Cheryl and Mary have to offer. Their empowering message of Living with Grace, Flow, and Ease is for everyone. It does not matter if your audience is new to the idea of how their thinking and attitude influence their quality of life, or they are seasoned travelers of this path, Living with Grace, Flow, and Ease is a life-style and a practice that is simple, yet profound. These two authors share powerful, yet easy ways one can actively invite these joyful gifts to work for them as part of an awakened, enriched life.

Cheryl and Mary are engaging, authentic speakers. They are living their passion as they share with the world a message that brings greater joy, peace and satisfaction to everyday life. They have taught both nationally and internationally. They will leave your audience feeling uplifted, inspired, and again reminded of the simple pleasures and great riches that life holds for all of us.

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  1. Cheryl /Dodd Baldwin
    Feb 26, 2014 @ 15:33:24

    Thank you for posting our new book, “Living with Grace, Flow and Ease.” If you have read it, we hope you enjoyed it. We are hoping this will become a phenomena as people realize how they can invite these three into their lives, everyday, in every way – and experience more joy, fulfillment, and peace. Thanks again!


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