Vedic astrology and Flight 370 ~ Sam Geppi

The world has been somewhat mesmerized and captivated by the disappearance of a Boeing 777 airplane, somewhere between Malaysia, Vietnam and Beijing China. Flight 370 from Malaysia to Beijing departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport on 8 March at 00:41 – local time.

Vedic astrology and Flight 370

Scorpio Ascendant
At the time of departure, Scorpio was rising. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, and it is a water sign. It is not surprising that there are a lot of concerns about the plane disappearing over the water. It is also said that Scorpio “lives in holes”, which shows a hidden nature. In general, a scorpion hides out in their hole. We can see a clear parallel here.

Three planets in the 12th house
The Scorpio ascendant places Saturn, Mars and the North node in the 12th house. All three of these are retrograde as well. The 12th house is about things that are lost or hidden. In addition, it shows a lack of awareness, inattention and possible deception. Also, the three planets involved are all natural Malefics, difficult planets that show struggle, intensity, hardship and confusion.

Exalted moon in the seventh house
The moon was in a sign of exultation, in Taurus, at the time of the accident. This is quite auspicious for the souls aboard, regardless of what happened to them. It shows protection from the Divine mother. However, the seventh house is a maraka (Killer) house. Things are born in the first house (ascendant) and they are taken out in the seventh house (descendant).

Jupiter in the eighth house
This placement may show some deception and trickery, as it is the second house ruler in the eighth house. But Jupiter is also the fifth house ruler for Scorpio, a planet of intelligence and creativity. In the eighth house, the house of death and sudden events, it shows a greater wisdom being developed through intense experiences. It also shows grace in dealing with them. Having the fifth house ruler in the eighth house is a blessing at the time of death.

Sun in the fourth house aspected by Jupiter
The Pilot would be related to the sun, the king of the airplane. In this chart, although the sun is in great enemy dignity, it is aspected by Jupiter and in the fourth house. The dignity of the sun is a problem for sure. It shows the pilot may have been under some stress, perhaps even by enemies. But another possibility, and what seems more likely to me, is that Jupiter’s aspect provided grace in a difficult circumstance.

Venus and Mercury in the third house
TheThird house has to do with skills, intelligence, but also self-will and strong opinions. It is also a house of communication, especially technical forms, such as through computers and devices. Both Venus and Mercury rule dusthana houses. Mercury rules the eighth house and Venus rules the 12th house, both houses of loss and intensity. The third house is also distraction, and may show how inspectors on the ground, or members of the crew lost focus.

My Speculation Based on the Astrology
Based on the astrology, I have a feeling there was some sort of equipment/technical malfunction that proved all-encompassing and eventually catastrophic. The planets in the 12th house show a strong possibility of overlooking a mechanical system that later malfunctioned (Saturn/Mars conjunction has to do with equipment and machinery). Perhaps after an all-encompassing vital system malfunctioned, the plane veered off course.

I also see the possibility that the plane may have exploded, or broke apart, miles up in the air. In such a scenario, I would think airplane parts would be spread out for hundreds of miles. Rahu/Mars conjunction gives explosive potential and the 12 house gives the possibility of something disappearing.

It seems rescue efforts are focused on finding an airplane that is “intact”, like it could have crashed near the ground. Inspectors are bewildered at how the plane suddenly stopped communicating. The transponder stopped working, as if it suddenly just disappeared. But what if it disappeared way up in the sky, after a sudden explosion?

This is a grim possibility, but I think a real one. It may be possible that they do not find an intact airplane, but eventually find a black box in the water somewhere. The black box sends out a pulse for (I believe) one month after a crash.

Muhammad: The Story of a Prophet and Reformer: By Sarah Conover; Foreword By: Eboo Patel

In the pages of Muhammad: The Story of a Prophet and Reformer, young readers will encounter a man very different from the figure often presented in Western popular culture. Drawing from biographies, the Quran, and hadith, Sarah Conover, co-author of Ayat Jamilah: Beautiful Signs: A Treasury of Islamic Wisdom for Children and Parents, relates the story of a radical prophet who challenged the rich and powerful, guided his community of followers through a dangerous time of persecution and exile, formed alliances with people of different beliefs, and preached “love for humanity what you love for yourself.”

Before he became one of the most venerated, and most misunderstood, religious leaders in history, Muhammad was an orphaned child and a shepherd….

Written for readers 12 and up, and with a foreword by Eboo Patel (founder of Interfaith Youth Core and a member of the President’s Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships), Muhammad: The Story of a Prophet and Reformer will educate and inspire youth and adults of all faiths.

Spokane author and educator Sarah Conover’s inspiration for her books comes from her travels and a commitment to share with children and adults the richness of the world’s traditions of wisdom and spirituality.

As a teacher and public TV journalist, she has helped connect people of different cultures and has fostered open media.

Through her books, she engages children, young adults, educators, and parents to look beyond their own understandings of life so they consult and profit from the wisdom traditions of humankind.

After earning a master’s in fine arts and creative writing at Eastern Washington University in 1998 and a teaching certificate from Gonzaga University in 2000, she worked from 2001 to 2008 writing books and teaching honors humanities, American studies, radio journalism and a writers’ workshop at the West Valley School District.

Sarah grew up outside New York City, reared with her sister, Aileen, by an aunt after their parents and grandparents were lost in 1957 sailing off Key West when Sarah was 13 months old.

In her teens, she began exploring spiritual options outside her Presbyterian roots. She attended friends’ bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs and attended Catholic and Episcopal services.

While earning a bachelor’s degree in religious studies at the University of Colorado, she studied martial arts with an Aikido master in Japan. She sampled various churches as an adult while living in Northern California.

“I have been a seeker from the get go,” Sarah said.

Read an Excerpt

The number of Believers grew by a handful of converts each week. They called themselves Muhammad’s Companions. Through the revelations, God was their educator, their Rabb. Muhammad told them, “Seeking knowledge is the duty of every Believer. It will enable you to be your own friend in the desert, it will be your mainstay in solitude, your companion in loneliness, your guide to happiness, your sustainer in misery.”

Twice a day now, in the morning and in the evening, small groups met in secret for worship. Some walked in groups of two or three into the desert so they would not be seen; some met with Muhammad in the house of a Companion where a new revelation could be memorized and explained.

When Mecca slipped out of the sun’s grasp and stars freckled the eastern horizon, the first soft knock on a Companion’s door opened it just enough to let in a single person at a time. “As-salaam alaykum, peace be upon you,” said Ali, entering. He was Muhammad’s first cousin and one of the first Companions.

“Wa alaykum as-salaam, and with you also,” replied the host, smiling-this was the greeting of peace that Gabriel taught Muhammad. The last of a small group arriving for worship, Ali locked the door behind himself. In the wandering light of the courtyard, unseen and unheard from the street, Muhammad’s Companions formed lines and knelt on palm mats in order to pray.

Muhammad and Khadija needed to be watchful. The revelations would spin the world of the powerful in Mecca upside down. Not only had Muhammad declared a belief in one God-the statues at the Kaaba were nothing more than statues he said-but also the money from religious pilgrims for food, water, and housing while in Mecca kept the large and powerful Quraysh tribe, the guardians of the shrine, very rich.

Additionally, Muhammad taught that all people, wealthy or poor, were equal before God, “as equal as the teeth of a comb,” he said, and the rich had a duty to share their wealth with the poor. A revelation that would further upset the powerful stated that the oppressed must be freed: Women were men’s partners, not property; infant girls must not be killed; slaves must be able to earn their freedom.

Click here to browse inside.

Eboo Patel on Muhammad: The Story of a Prophet and Reformer

Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) founder Eboo Patel talks about why Muhammad: The Story of a Prophet and Reformer is just the kind of rich literature he will share with his young Muslim sons and use in his work at IFYC–and why he’s not surprised that a Unitarian Universalist Association publisher, Skinner House Books, published such a wonderful book for fostering interfaith understanding.

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