Consciousness is a Harsh Mistress

Live online Satsang with Edji recorded December 10, 2010. For more information, audio files and transcripts of this Satsang, go to

Ed Muzika and Deeya – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Ed: Nothing I did prior to 1995 makes any difference to me. That is the year of my awakening under my Guru, Robert Adams (1928-1997). Nothing I am now has anything to do with my education, previous writings or worldly attainments. They are irrelevant. What I am now is the present. For those who still wish more information…

I have a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Sierra University in 1987 and practiced clinical psychology for over 20 years.

Teacher of Advaita and Bhakta-yana, in the dual lines of Robert Adams-Ramana Maharshi, and Jean Dunn/Nisargadatta. Ordained Mahayana Zen and Chogye Zen monk, Zen monk for 12 years. The Chogye Order of Zen Buddhism in Korea (Chogye Sah Temple-headquarters of Chogye Zen in Korea) named Ed the First American World Teacher of Korean Chogye Zen Buddhism, 1999. Taught Zen and psychology at four University of California campuses, 1975-82.

I teach Self Realization via methods of Zen, Devotional Advaita, and devotional self-inquiry, January 1987 to present.

Author of “Self-Realization and Other Awakenings” on Amazon and elsewhere. Can now be downloaded from my website.

Earlier book was “Autobiography of a Jnani,” available on my website, along with two books on psychoanalysis and spirituality, also available on my website.


Deeya: Kindle My Heart’s Flame, (and KindleMyHeartsFlame on Facebook), is a Deeply Devotional Humanitarian Community founded on the theme of Devotional Advaita and dedicated to Awakening the Heart’s Flame in all who join in by arousing the Spiritual Guidance of the Ramana Lineage and others, and infusing all who engage in the Community’s activities with the Flame of Love, Bliss, Wisdom. Born to Deeya three years after her Awakening, and through the inspiration of Sri Robert Adams, the Community is about humanity’s potentiality for Love and our capacity to help each other celebrate the unity in our diversity. A healer for 12 years, Deeya’s service with various healthcare organizations takes her all over the world, including to India, where she is the co-founder of a medical charity that provides for the care and welfare of under-privileged children. Deeya shares Healing Transmissions, Devotionals and Satsang through the Community website. More detailed bio.

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