Vedic Astrology Akshaya Tritiya ~ Sam Geppi

On Thursday May 1 we celebrate a very auspicious day – called Akshaya Tritiya. This is the day when both the Sun and the Moon are exalted – and the Moon is in Rohini nakshatra – the most beloved wife of Chandra, the Moon God.

This should be a good day to connect to a deep heart space, that we may have abandoned, given the recent eclipse cycle. Each year this day is celebrated as both the Sun and Moon are in their highest placement. But this year, after such and intense eclipse cycle and given the transformational challenges before us, this day is especially welcomed.

Sun in Aries gives the positive drive to lead us toward higher goals and Vision.
Moon in Taurus allows for peace and contentment, to keep us steady and on track.
Mercury and Saturn are both neutral energies which allow for flexibility, intelligence and new commitments.

This is a great way to start the new month and set forth on a new phase, integrating the change and transformative themes of the recent eclipse and Mutable Cross.

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