Pure Knowing is the Substance of All Thinking

Published on May 2, 2014

In this video clip, Rupert explains how all thoughts, irrespsctive of their content, arise in, are known by and are made of the same pure Consciousness.

Conscious Musings: Contemplations to Transform Life and Realize Potential by Alexis Brooks

What do human personality, paranormal phenomena, manifestation, and abundance all have in common? Answer: A tethering to the spectrum of reality that is begging humanity to pay attention! Conscious Musings is an allegorical and literal composite of the world as it is and the world as it could be, weaving a common thread of spiritual consciousness, extraordinary experience, and creation powers to show that humans carry an inherent ability to transcend reality and themselves!

Despite what appears to be inescapable challenge and inexplicable events – anomalies that don’t fit within “normal” experience, a world of milk and honey is a lot closer than we think, but with one critical caveat: We must exercise the act of honest contemplation. Is that all it would take to jumpstart a change in our reality and our world, individually and collectively? According to this powerful volume by metaphysical researcher, essayist, and journalist Alexis Brooks, the answer is a resounding yes! She says, “…one must use unbiased introspection to realize where we are in our growth and evolution in order to root out the challenges and begin the process of embodying the solutions.”

The potential solutions can be seen and experienced through a myriad of lenses. Conscious Musings looks at the wide swings of consciousness as it relates to belief systems and world views, spiritual and revolutionary pursuits, ego and intuition, individualism and collectivism, the suppression or expression of paranormal experience, and the grounding of our innate metaphysical abilities into the physical world. Among the core premise, Brooks illuminates the phenomenon of out of body experiences (OBE), after-death communication, dreams and visualization, reincarnation and past lives, all within the context of realizing ultimate potential as part of our innate makeup. Included in this well-rounded collection of insights are effective and simple tools to empower and assist the reader in transforming life from ordinary to extraordinary!

The universal themes presented in Conscious Musings provide a compass for our journey to help us utilize our intrinsic powers of reflection, creation, and action and to evolve in a vast reality that is beckoning us forward. “I recommend Conscious Musings as a roadmap and Alexis Brooks your muse.” –Ann Bolinger-McQuade, author of Everyday Oracles – Decoding the Divine Messages That Are All Around Us

Alexis Brooks is the #1 Best-Selling author of Conscious Musings – Contemplations to Transform Life and Realize Potential.

A former broadcast executive and commercial copywriter for mainstream media, Alexis has taken her nearly 20 years of professional broadcast journalism experience coupled with her passion and commitment to alternative research, metaphysics, and new thought concepts to reach an increasingly “awake and aware” audience.

Her work which explores controversial subjects such as the true nature of reality and consciousness, the paranormal, and fringe science have been described by others as “lucid and easy to understand in covering an otherwise complex and esoteric subject matter.”

Conscious Musings Book Trailer – Your Guide to Self Transformation!

Conscious Musings is the new best-selling book by Alexis Brooks, available now at: http://amzn.com/0991525027

The Unlikely Guide to Self Transformation

#1 Best-Selling author Alexis Brooks talks about the common threads that exist between individual human behavior, mass reality, paranormal experience and ultimate transformation. Based on the book, Conscious Musings – Contemplations to Transform Life & Realize Potential.

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