Countdown to Coherence: A Spiritual Journey Toward a Scientific Theory of Everything by Hazel Courteney [Updated May 5, 2014]

Inspired by her own near-death experience and its incredible aftermath, a leading spiritual writer explores the nature of the universe and its rich possibilities for human development. Using cutting-edge scientific and spiritual evidence, Hazel Counteney examines the growing belief that our world is nothing but a holographic projection, and that we are biological computers operating inside a preprogrammed simulator.

Hazel Courteney is an award winning, respected health and metaphysical author, journalist and speaker based near Henley on Thames in the UK. She was inspired to become a journalist in 1993, after suffering a lifetime of illnesses, which she healed by alternative means. Courteney was the UK’s first Alternative Health Agony Aunt with her column ‘What’s The Alternative?’ in the national Daily Mail.
During her late thirties she also began researching the science behind more esoteric subjects such as psychic phenomena, the power of the mind, telepathy and energy healing.
In January 1997 Courteney joined The Sunday Times, Britain’s foremost broad sheet, with a weekly column, and was voted Health Journalist of the Year. After answering almost 30,000 readers’ letters during five years as a weekly columnist, her knowledge grew.

In 1998 Hazel underwent a near death experience, which forced her to leave her weekly column. Her book Divine Intervention, originally published in 2000 and now republished with a new Foreword by Professor Gary Schwartz in America and the UK, tells this incredible story. The sequel to this book The Evidence for the Sixth Sense was first published in March 2005, and was republished in the UK and America in 2011. Hazel’s recent spiritual science book Countdown to Coherence is also available in the UK, America and other countries. Also a/v on Kindle.

To date she has also written numerous features for various publications, regularly speaks on National Radio and has written four health books including her bestselling 500 Of the Most Important Health Tips You’ll Ever Need (Cico Books) and in Feb. 2012 her new Health Cookery Book 500 of the Healthiest Recipes and Health Tips You’ll Ever Need ( Cico Books) is being published.

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Countdown to Coherence – Hazel Courteney

“Countdown to Coherence: A Spiritual Journey toward a Scientific Theory of Everything.”

Hazel Courteney was the UK’s first alternative-health advice columnist with her column ‘What’s the Alternative?’ in the Daily Mail, and she soon became an acknowledged expert on health and metaphysical issues. In 1998 she underwent a near-death experience that triggered huge amounts of paranormal phenomena to occur in her presence. She tells this incredible story in her book Divine Intervention and the sequel, The Evidence for the Sixth Sense. Hazel is also well known for a number of very successful health books including 500 of the Most Important Health Tips You’ll Ever Need. Her latest book is entitled, Countdown to Coherence: A Spiritual Journey toward a Scientific Theory of Everything.

In this podcast, Merryn Jose speaks with Hazel Courteney on various topics covered in her book Countdown to Coherence. Such topics include:

•Hazel’s near-death experience
•How her NDE was part of a “Spiritual Emergency”, a term coined by Dr.’s Stan & Christina Grof
•Hazel’s “Divine Intervention” and how other’s can learn from her experience
•The purpose of the Thalamus
•She discusses her visit with Dr. Bill Tiller and his theory on “Coherence”
•Spiritual Science
•Hazel talks about Dr. Jude Currivan’s work
•Her visit to Damanhur
•And much more!

Sonia Doubell Asks Hazel Courtney “Countdown to Coherence”

Sonia Doubell asks Hazel Courteney to share on “Coherence”
The Uk’s First alternatives Agony Aunt in the national press, with column “whats the Alternative” in the Daily Mail. She moved to the Style Section of the Sunday Times and was thrilled to be voted Journalist of the year. Following, a near death experience changed her life completely. Hazel shares on her journey, books and life.

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